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Educator Guide for George Washington Carver traveling exhibit, at Henry Ford Museum Nov. 2010 - Feb. 2011 as well as permanent resources available at The Henry Ford. Even separate from the exhibit, it contains useful background information, guiding questions, and suggested activities. Produced by the Field Museum and adapted by The Henry Ford.
This Resource is for:Educators
Theme:American Innovation; Science and Technology
Type of Use:Unit Plan; Research Material
Curriculum Connection:U.S. History; Science; Technology/Engineering; Career Exploration; Creative Problem Solving; Cross-disciplinary Thinking; Self-direction; Entrepreneurial Literacy
Grade/Age Level:Early Elementary; Upper Elementary; Middle School; High School
Time Period:Era 5: Civil War and Reconstruction; Era 6: The Development of an Industrial, Urban and Global United States; Era 7: The Great Depression and WWII; Era 8: Post-WWII United States; Era 9: America in a new global age
Tags:science, education, innovation, innovator, inventor, invention, agriculture