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A guide that is aimed at helping teachers, after-school providers and parents to create a culture that can foster creativity and innovation among youth on an everyday basis so that creativity and innovation become habits of mind and a positive strength from within. Ideas, tips, tools and resources that are part of this guide are designed to be used in a flexible manner to inspire youth with a can-do attitude whether it is in the classroom, after-school programs or at home.
This Resource is for:Educators
Theme:American Innovation
Topic:Henry Ford and Innovation
Type of Use:Unit Plan
Curriculum Connection:U.S. History; Economics; Business; Mathematics; Science; Physics; Environmental Education; Technology/Engineering; English Language Arts; Arts and Design; Career Exploration; Creative Problem Solving; Cross-disciplinary Thinking; Self-direction; Entrepreneurial Literacy
Grade/Age Level:Early Elementary; Upper Elementary; Middle School; High School; Brownie Girl Scouts; Junior Girl Scouts; Cadette Girl Scouts; Cub Scouts; Boy Scouts
Time Period:Era 6: The Development of an Industrial, Urban and Global United States; Era 8: Post-WWII United States; Era 9: America in a new global age
Tags:lesson, video, critical thinking, problem solving, digital literacy, process, design thinking, traits, keys, intellectual property, innovation, Henry Ford, maker, creativity, 21st century skills, worl
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