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Self-guided itinerary. Enrich your field trip experience with these “for the teachers, by the teachers” themed itineraries. Created by The Henry Ford 2009 Teacher Fellows and tested with their students, these curriculum-aligned tools for teachers, group leaders and students will deepen student learning and understanding of the Ford Rouge Factory Tour.
This Resource is for:Educators; Students
Theme:American Innovation
Type of Use:Onsite Activity
Curriculum Connection:Business; Science; Environmental Education; Technology/Engineering; Arts and Design; Creative Problem Solving
Michigan Science Grade Level Content Expectations: 6 - S.IP.06.11, S.IP.06.12, S.IP.06.13, S.IP.06.16, L.OL.06.52, L.EC.06.23, S.RS..06.19, P.EN.06.41, P.EN.06.42, L.OL.06.51, L.EC.06.11, L.EC.06.31, L.EC.06.32, L.EC.06.41
Grade/Age Level:Middle School; High School
Time Period:Era 9: America in a new global age
Venue:Ford Rouge Factory Tour
Tags:field trip helper, Henry Ford, Ford Rouge Complex, acid rain, field journal, urban, industrial, remediation, balance between industry and nature