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High School DigiKit. This teacher guide & unit plan explores the pulls and promises of life as an autoworker in the early 1900s, whether these promises were fulfilled and how they connect to life today. Uses digitized primary sources. *For ease of use, downloading recommended.
This Resource is for:Educators
Theme:Transportation in America
Topic:Transportation, Past, Present and Future
Type of Use:Unit Plan
Curriculum Connection:U.S. History; Civics; World History; Business; Cross-disciplinary Thinking
Michigan High School Content Expectations: USHG 6.1.3, 6.1.5, 9.1.1; WHG 6.1.2; Economics 2.1.9; ELA CE 2.1.3, 2.2.3, 2.3.4; National History Standards, 5-12: Era 6; Common Core State Standards: Literacy in History/Social Studies- Grades 9-10 - RH.9-10.1, RH.9-10.2, RH.9-10.4, RH.9-10.6, RH.9-10.7, RH.9-10.8, RH.9-10.9, RH.9-10.10, WHST.9-10.2, WHST.9-10.6, WHST.9-10.7, WHST.9-10.8, WHST.9-10.9, WHST.9-10.10, Grades 11-12 - RH.11-12.1, RH.11-12.2, RH.11-12.3, RH.11-12.6, RH.11-12.7, RH.11-12.8, RH.11-12.9, RH.11-12.10, WHST.11-12.2, WHST.11-12.6, WHST.11-12.7, WHST.11-12.8, WHST.11-12.9, WHST.11-12.10, English Language Arts- Grades 9-10 - RI.9-10.1, RI.9-10.10, W.9-10.2, W.9-10.6, W.9-10.7, W.9-10.8, W.9-10.9b, W.9-10.10, SL.9-10.1, SL.9-10.2, SL.9-10.4, L.9-10.4, L.9-10.6, Grades 11-12 - RI.11-12.1, RI.11-12.7, RI.11-12.10, W.11-12.2, W.11-12.6, W.11-12.7, W.11-12.8, W.11-12.9b, W.11-12.10, SL.11-12.1, SL.11-12.2, SL.11-12.4, L.11-12.4, L.11-12.6
Grade/Age Level:High School
Time Period:Era 6: The Development of an Industrial, Urban and Global United States; Era 7: The Great Depression and WWII; Era 8: Post-WWII United States; Era 9: America in a new global age
Tags:Industrial Revolution, worker, farm, industry, immigrant, migrant, African American, $5 Day, Sociological Department, Ford Motor Company, globalization, keydriver