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Self-guided itinerary. Focus on U.S. migration from rural to urban life from 1800-1900. Enrich your field trip experience with these “for the teachers, by the teachers” itineraries created by The Henry Ford 2009 Teacher Fellows.
This Resource is for:Educators; Students
Theme:America's Industrial Revolution; Family and Community Life
Type of Use:Onsite Activity
Curriculum Connection:U.S. History; Geography; Economics; Business; Technology/Engineering; English Language Arts; Career Exploration; Cross-disciplinary Thinking
Michigan Social Studies Grade Level Content Expectations: 3 - H3.0.1, H3.0.2, H3.0.7, H3.0.8, G1.0.2, G2.0.1, G2.0.2, G4.0.1, G4.0.2, G4.0.3, G5.0.1, G5.0.2, E1.0.3, E1.0.4, E1.0.5: 4 - H3.0.1, H3.0.2, H3.0.3, H3.0.4, H3.0.5, G1.0.2, G1.0.3, G1.0.4, G2.0.1, G2.0.2, G4.0.1, G4.0.2, E.1.0.5, E.2.0.1. Michigan English Language Arts Grade Level Content Expectations: 3 - R.NT.03.01, R.CM.03.01, R.CM.03.02, R.CM.03.03, R.CM.03.04, W.GN.03.01, W.GN.03.03, W.GN.03.04, S.DS.03.01, S.DS.03.04: 4 - R.NT.04.01, R.CM.04.01, R.CM.04.02, R.CM.04.03, R.CM.04.04, W.GN.04.01, W.GN.04.03, W.GN.04.04, S.DS.04.01, S.DS.04.04; 5 - R.NT.05.01, R.CM.05.01, R.CM.05.02, R.CM.05.03, R.CM.05.04, W.GN.05.01, W.GN.05.03, W.GN.05.04, S.DS.05.01, S.DS.05.04. Michigan Science Grade Level Content Expectations: 5 - S.IP.05.11, S.IP.05.16, S.IA.05.13, S.IA.05.15, S.RS.05.11, S.RS.05.15, S.RS.05.16, S.RS.05.19
Grade/Age Level:Upper Elementary; Middle School
Time Period:Era 4: Expansion and Reform; Era 5: Civil War and Reconstruction; Era 6: The Development of an Industrial, Urban and Global United States; Era 9: America in a new global age
Venue:Greenfield Village
Tags:Field trip helper, industrial revolution, agriculture, migration, region, rural, urban, city, assembly line, occupation, railroad, technology, transportation