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Self-guided itinerary that highlights stories of innovation at the Ford Rouge Factory Tour. Use this itinerary to help you identify the ways Ford continuously works to improve the work environment for its employees, the quality of the world in which we live and the cars we drive today.
This Resource is for:Leadership
Theme:Transportation in America; American Innovation; Science and Technology; America's Industrial Revolution
Topic:Henry Ford and Innovation; Transportation, Past, Present and Future
Type of Use:Onsite Activity
Curriculum Connection:U.S. History; Civics; Business; Science; Environmental Education; Technology/Engineering; Arts and Design; Career Exploration; Creative Problem Solving; Cross-disciplinary Thinking; Entrepreneurial Literacy
Grade/Age Level:Adults
Time Period:Era 6: The Development of an Industrial, Urban and Global United States; Era 9: America in a new global age
Pricing:Free with Ford Rouge Factory Tour admission
Venue:Ford Rouge Factory Tour
Tags:Ford Rouge Factory Tour, innovation, leadership, LEED, green manufacturing, responsible manufacturing, manufacturing, ergonomics, UVB wavelengths, sustainability,
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