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PowerPoint slideshow. Examines sophisticated technological and environmental innovations at the Rouge which manage water, soil and daylight.
This Resource is for:Educators; Youth and Scouts; Students
Theme:American Innovation; Science and Technology
Type of Use:Research Material
Curriculum Connection:U.S. History; Economics; World History; Business; Science; Environmental Education; Technology/Engineering; Creative Problem Solving; Cross-disciplinary Thinking
National Science Education Standards Science in Personal and Social Perspectives, Science and Technology, Life Sciences, History and Nature of Science National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies Strands VIII Michigan Science Grade Level and High School Content Expectations 2 - E.FE.02.21 3 - S.RS.03.17, S.RS.03.18, E.ES.03.43, E.ES.03.52, E.ES.03.42, E.ES.03.51 4 - S.RS.04.18, P.PM.04.53, L.EC.04.21 5 - U2 S.RS.05.17 6 - S.RS.06.17, L.EC.06.41 7 - S.RS.07.17, E.ES.07.41, E.ES.07.42, E.ES.07.81 9-12 - Biology B3.1A, B3.4C, B3.5e 9-12 - Earth Science E2.1B, E2.1C, E2.4B Michigan Social Studies Grade Level and High School Content Expectations 2 - H2.0.4 4 - H3.0.1 9-12 - USHG 6.1.5, 9.1.1
Grade/Age Level:Upper Elementary; Middle School; High School; Adults; Brownie Girl Scouts; Junior Girl Scouts; Cadette Girl Scouts
Time Period:Era 9: America in a new global age
Tags:green, living roof, swale, porous pavement, sedum, wildlife, plant