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The Henry Ford is a nationally recognized resource for teacher education. We regularly host teacher events and workshops offering overviews of our educational programs and products. For more in-depth educational content, we present professional development workshops and immersive learning sessions on several areas of instruction. Roll up your sleeves and explore these one-of-a-kind professional development experiences at The Henry Ford.

The Teacher Fellow Program was created in 2009 with the desire to make The Henry Ford an indispensable, extended classroom experience that, consequently, empowers teachers through a unique professional development opportunity. This 90+ hour “by the teachers, for the teachers” forum utilizes a “co-creation” method to construct new education products and ideas that employ The Henry Ford’s extensive collection in an innovative and enlightening way. Since 2009, over 40 teachers from over 25 school districts and two states have completed this program, putting in a combined 3,500+ hours. These teachers represent a diverse group of educators who teach a variety of subjects at public, private, charter, and vocational schools to students of all ages. Since its creation, the Teacher Fellow Program participants made a significant contribution to the over 1,000% growth in educational products available from The Henry Ford. The program’s ultimate goal, however, is to make teachers equipped, empowered, engaged, encouraged, and enlightened to employ their learning and convert it into active teaching.

The Education and Learning Department at The Henry Ford selects 12-16 teachers each year through a competitive application process to participate in this unique program. Meetings will be held on weekends and weekdays, based on Teacher Fellow availability. The program uses immersion learning, site visits, tours with the curators and historians, brainstorming sessions, dialogues, debates, and more to give educators an “out-of-the-box” professional and personal growth experience. Ultimately, this program gives educators a challenging and fun way to enhance not only their professional careers, but also their capabilities as teachers and individuals.

Important Dates
Application period for the 2014 class is currently closed, check back in Fall 2014 for 2015 application date.

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