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Driving America gives an A-to-Z look at how cars have helped shape our culture and influenced the way we all live, work and play. To help you get a better handle on the ins and outs of the complex relationship between people, cars and culture, the exhibition is divided into 20 focal areas that will draw you in with captivating stories about topics such as racing, American family life, alternative power and other forms of transportation. Focal areas are packed with some of the most historically significant vehicles, stimulating and insightful commentaries, hands-on activities and relevant artifacts that will make you stop, stare and contemplate how the automobile has influenced the life decisions you have already made and will make in the future.

Featured Exhibit Areas

Four Ladies in a Haynes Automobile Traveling From Chicago to New York, circa 1905
Into the 1920s, many people -- especially men -- considered women to be unfit to drive. Some thought them emotionally unstable, physically weak, and mentally deficient. Others claimed that driving was just plain unfeminine. A few brave, adventurous women set out to prove the naysayers wrong. Women like the ones in this photograph paved the way for a wider acceptance.
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Driving America is the premier automotive exhibition; designed to be a moving experience that helps you learn a little bit more about yourself and the relationship between people, cars and culture.

Download this handy road map of the exhibit space to view all there is to see – we wouldn’t want you to miss the Driving America Timeline, Lamy’s Diner or any of the 20 focal areas.

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Things to do with Kids
K’nex Race Car Designer
Design and build your own cars from K’nex building pieces. Then race them down hill! Kids will see science principles at work and practice design-thinking skills.

Texaco Station Mechanic
Children ages 4-8 (and their adult chaperones) complete service and repair activities using realistic equipment on our kid-scale 1960s replica car. Artifacts from the collections of The Henry Ford bring the Texaco garage to life.

Sprinkled throughout Driving America are 18 interactive 42-inch touchscreens that offer interactive games and activities plus deeper information about thousands of artifacts. Learn more

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