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A world without cars or planes or trucks? Unthinkable. Or at least it must seem that way to your students. It’s not an unreasonable reaction. They’ve never known a day without interstate highways or transoceanic flights or road trips. So consider how difficult it must be for them to grasp the significance of the Model T. Or of the spindly little plane that the Wright brothers flew on the beach in North Carolina. But at The Henry Ford, your students can experience the remarkable evolution of transportation firsthand. They’ll also be able to see that, with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the evolution of transportation abruptly changes gears. The horse is eclipsed by steam-powered locomotives and, 100 years later, by diesel power.

But how do you present all of that information in a way that makes it relevant to today’s young people? How can it help teachers in the classroom? To facilitate “connected and comprehensive learning,” The Henry Ford has developed a collection of innovative K-12 digital curriculum and project-based learning tools on the broad theme of “Transportation in America.” Find these and many more teaching and learning resources by exploring our multi-layered website

Educator DigiKits
Educator DigiKits offer a teacher guide and a full-length unit plan with page after page of supplemental resources. The seven DigiKits — all equipped with digital media — are great pre-visit tools to enhance the classroom experience. Best of all, they are aligned to meet curriculum needs in social studies and science.

Exhibit Builder
ExhibitBuilder is a build-your-own online exhibition module that works as a great self-directed learning tool. It helps students to think critically, synthesize and apply their learning in creative online portfolios and helps teachers to assess what their students have learned. Teachers too can create their own exhibits and use them as teaching tools in media labs.

Get deeper insight into the topic by exploring the ‘From the Curators’ materials.

Enjoy a self-guided tour with this downloadable ‘Transportation in America’ highlight itinerary and map.

Also, visit our Resource Bank to access our other educational resources.

For more information on any of these programs or resources, contact, Paula Gangopadhyay, Chief Learning Officer at or (313) 982-9063 to access our other educational resources.

Literacy Enhancement Programs
Henry’s Alphabet Cars
Learn about Henry Ford’s “alphabet cars” that led to his great innovation, the Model T. Employing immersive vocabulary recognition activities through storytime and hands-on activities, children will enhance their cognitive literacy skills and make relevant connections between the past and present. Grades: Preschool-K - 1
Reading Inspiration
Reading Inspiration brings the story of Henry Ford’s quest to build a car for the masses to life using fiction, nonfiction, digital images and engaging hands-on activities. The program reinforces grade-specific vocabulary, spelling, reading and comprehension, writing and design thinking skills. Grades: 2-5

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