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Greenfield Village
Greenfield Village visitors experience 300 years of American history through 83 authentic, historic structures, four living history farms, and nationally-renowned artists creating one-of-kind 19th- and 20th-century pieces in pottery, tin and glass. It is full of experiences that bring the early years of the automobile to life. See the farmhouse where Henry Ford was born and then move along to a replica of the factory where he built his first car. Finish off with a chauffeured ride in a real Ford Model T. Ask your driver to honk the horn if you’re feeling a little rowdy or just sit back and listen to the engine purr.

Other special automotive events in Greenfield Village:

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Henry Ford Museum
showcases the American ideas and innovations, technological and social, that have fired our imaginations and changed our lives. Here, visitors explore the first 40 years of flight, walk past awe-inspiring vehicles including the presidential limousine in which John F. Kennedy was assassinated and see an array of artifacts representing powerful change such as the bus on which Rosa Parks took a stand for Civil Rights. Driving America, the museum’s newest exhibition, seriously ups the ante on the automotive part of the museum experience, giving visitors a rare look at how cars have transformed our culture. Highlights of this premier exhibition include:

  • A collection of some of the most significant vehicles in our history: Henry Ford’s first car, the 1896 Quadricycle, is included
  • Touchscreens throughout with thousands of extra details, expert commentary, images and more about the cars on display
  • A smart card, so you can compile and transfer your own digital collection for online viewing later
  • Entertaining interactives, including an eHarmony-like exercise that matches you with the car that best fits your personality
  • Lamy’s Diner, where you can enjoy coffee, soda and treats 1940s-diner style

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Benson Ford Research Center
The Benson Ford Research Center boasts a hidden archive of goods documenting the American experience, from photos and publications to service manuals, artwork and the largest corporate archive of Ford Motor Company records accessible to researchers. Information on Henry Ford’s soybean car and super intricate Ford Motor Company parts drawings are some of the more obscure auto-related listings in the center’s index. Even though these items aren’t out on the shelves for public viewing, with an appointment, you can receive personal assistance in finding out more about tucked-away automotive treasures and many other historical gems.

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Ford Rouge Factory Tour
The Ford Rouge Factory Tour is radical. You’ll never get as close to or as personal with the complexity of the vehicle assembly line unless you worked it yourself. During the tour, an elevated view of the assembly line gives you a sense of appreciation for the delicate relationship between people, process and product. And you get to see the award-winning Ford F-150 enter the plant as a shell and leave as a complete, big, bad pickup. Manufacturing prowess at its best.

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Racing In America
Be a part of our team. Visit our Racing in America website to find out how you can help us build this planned $15 million exhibit. The first of its kind in the nation, Racing In America will preserve the history and innovations from all major forms of American auto racing.

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OnInnovation: Interviews with Automotive Innovators
What started in 2008 with a single interview with barrier-breaker Lyn St. James has snowballed into a creative, collaborative with our country’s greatest innovators. Along with in-depth interviews from renowned automotive innovators, you’ll also find insight from of the country’s most creative thinkers including Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay to Bill Gates, Martha Stewart, Steve Wozniak and more. Join the imaginative, ingenious, restless and resourceful people who simply haven't settled for the status quo. Explore the full site at or dig into individual innovator pages including:

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The Henry Ford IMAX Theatre: Nascar 3D
Book a private screening of NASCAR 3D: THE IMAX EXPERIENCE. Imagine hosting your event on Michigan’s largest IMAX screen and transporting your audience into the driver’s seat to explore the world of today’s NASCAR. Narrated by Kiefer Sutherland, NASCAR 3D: THE IMAX EXPERIENCE provides an insider’s perspective of the nation’s number one spectator sport, with a brief look back at how it all began. For more information call 313-982-6001.

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