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Best friend fender bender!
Photo Credit: fortfan

I bought my first car from my best friend! Which for any 16 year old girl, is not the ideal first car! But my parents said that I had no other choice so I was not about to turn it down! So a 1996 Chevy Cavalier it was! So I had my car (my best friends old car) for about two months! Oh man the freedom I felt like I had!

It was the first day of my best friend and I's junior year! So we both wanted to drive to school in our cars but we didn't want to walk into school by our self! The only way to solve that was for me to drive to her house and then follow her to school! DUH! ha ha! So I get to her house we check out each others first day of school outfits and say how cute we are and off we go!

So we head down this road and its kinda in the boonies and were driving going only about 35mph and I seriously looked down for a split second and I don't even know what I was looking at and when I look back up my friend is perpendicular in the road! I SLAM on my breaks and just nail her back end! I literally peed my pants a little! Not to mention we made eye contact as I hit her both just like O CRAP! So we get out and she was like what were you doing and I was like WHAT WERE YOU DOING! Her response "It said fresh oil and I didn't want to get it on my car because my dad just waxed my car!" REALLLLLY!

So we have to drive back to her mom's house she comes outside and starts getting upset with me because what were you looking at and then I have to call my mom and explain and she gets mad at my friend because why was she stopped in the middle of the road! BLAH BLAH BLAH! Inside me and my friend were both like laughing like did that really just happen?? Did I really just hit my friend on the way to the first day of school in a car that I just bought from her and I hit her because she didn't want to get oil on her car! WOW! Still makes me laugh!

Thats my story and I still have to this day the chunk of my car that cracked off that day! I had that car for about a year and a half and referred to that missing part of my car as my cars dimple! :)



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