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The Planes: 1927 Stinson Detroiter

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Length: 32'
Wingspan: 45' 10"
Weight (empty): 2,040 lbs.

Construction Materials: Welded steel tube fuselage, wooden wings, fabric covering
Builder: Stinson Aircraft Corporation, Detroit, Michigan
Cost: $12,000
Number Built: 18
Engine Type: Wright Whirlwind, 9-cyliner, 200-horsepower, radial, air-cooled internal combustion engine
Engine Builder: Wright Aeronautical Company, Patterson, New Jersey
Configuration: 1-pilot/1-passenger tractor monoplane
Maximum Speed: 128 m.p.h.

Stinson’s Handiwork
The plane was built by Eddie Stinson – just one of a family of aviators. His stunt-flying sister, Katherine, was an early barnstormer.





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