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  2015 2014 2013
Jan Sound Connections, Strange Formats: Three Artifacts with an Audible Past Ford’s Five-Dollar Day White Castle® Restaurants: From Flipping Burgers to a Career for Don Dunivent
Feb Emancipation Day Celebrations The Beatles Conquer America Segregated Travel and the Uncommon Courage of Rosa Parks
Mar Designing Fashion to Finance Flying Irish Glass Ruth McConnell’s Chintz Applique Quilt
Apr Remembering Abraham Lincoln No pic :-( Soybeans: Henry Ford’s Miracle Crop
May 1965 Lotus-Ford Race Car Ford Meets Disney at the Magic Skyway Take a Bus Ride
Jun No pic :-( Mustang: The Birth of an American Icon 1963 Studebaker Avanti Coupe
Jul From Dreamland to Disneyland: American Amusement Parks The “Scoop” on American Ice Cream Painting a Scene, Cementing an Image: Depicting Henry Ford’s Youth
Aug   No pic :-( Henry Ford’s Classical Violins
Sep   Clara Ford’s Roadside Market: A Small Building with Big Aspirations Ford Methods and the Ford Shops
Oct   "An Artist with the Needles:" Tattoo History at The Henry Ford Gothic Revival: An “Alternative” Trend for Victorian Americans
Nov   No pic :-( John F. Kennedy: New Collections, New Stories
Dec   Rural America Shops by Mail Christmas Fantasy at the Ford Rotunda

  2012 2011 2010
Jan The Rosa Parks Bus The Jazz Bowl: Emblem of a City, Icon of an Age Photobooth Pictures: Self-Portraits in a Heartbeat
Feb The George Washington Camp Bed A Horse-Drawn Recycler A Rosa Parks Baseball?
Inspiring Curt Flood’s Battle with Major League Baseball
Mar Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park Laboratory Silk in Their Blood No pic :-(
Apr The Lincoln Rocker No pic :-( A View from the Pit and Paddock: The Dave Friedman Racing Collection
May Exploded Model T No pic :-( Fast Cars and Warm Quilts: Auto Racing’s “Quilt Lady”
Jun Wright Cycle Shop No pic :-( No pic :-(
Jul Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion House No pic :-( On the Wire
Aug Newcomen Engine Keeping Cool the Victorian Way Storing Stuff in Early America
Sep 1896 Duryea Runabout No pic :-( The First Automobile Advertisements
Oct 1938 Massey-Harris Combine Model 20 No pic :-( No pic :-(
Nov Kennedy Presidential Limousine No pic :-( George Washington Carver’s Tools
Dec 1858 “Sam Hill” Steam Locomotive No pic :-( No pic :-(

  2009 2008 2007
Jan The Moore Telephone Advertising the Ford Model T 1879 Hand Book of Winter Sports
Feb At Home with the Lincolns Art from Everyday Life: The Quilts of Susana Allen Hunter Molding Ideas
Mar Happy 50th Birthday, Barbie! The Hitchcock Chair, an American Innovation Hybrid Cars: If they weren't a good idea in 1916, why are they a good idea now?
Apr The Rise and Fall of the Osborne Computer Corporation "T" is for Tractor: The Ford Model T on the Farm "Yours From Everlast, The Finest—Bar None!" Aluminum Giftware in the Mid-20th Century
May Americana on the Road 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings Trading Card Horse Power!
Jun Goldenrod – Cheating the Wind, Setting a Record American Chocolate Classics Counterculture Makes the Scene
Jul Victorian America’s Love Affair with Wallpaper No pic :-( The Cost of Good Roads
Aug What Does a Combine Combine? Caught on Camera: Wilbur Wright's 1908 Flying Demonstration in France Photographs in an Instant
Sep Lighting the Way for Early Automobiles Ford’s Model T: A Car for the Great Multitude No pic :-(
Oct Light's Golden Jubilee: The Movie Old 16 A Tree Grows in Dearborn
Nov Abraham Lincoln in Photographs Milton Russell: Uncommon Valor during the Civil War Noguchi Radio Nurse
Dec Clues in the Coverlets Thomas Edison Goes Hollywood Henry Ford Plays Santa Claus

  2006 2005 2004
Jan A Sailor's Tribute Children's Sled Model Harrow
Feb George Washington, American Hero and Symbol African American Baptizing Scene Postcards Star of Bethlehem Quilt
Mar Rooting for the Team Who Made Elizabeth Parke Firestone's Wedding Dress? Immigrant's Trunk
Apr Jenny Young Chandler, Photojournalist Firestone Barn, a Pennsylvania Bank Barn Transportation Replicas
May Restoring Sir John Bennett’s Giants Mourning Lincoln Robert O. Derrick and Henry Ford Museum
Jun Eva Tanguay, Vaudeville’s Star Dressing for Bicycling Success Leisure Suits
Jul Henry Ford, Movie Mogul Tools for a Lovely Lawn Edison's Last Breath
Aug Help for the Wounded 1924 Fruit Growers Express Refrigerator Car A Genteel Chariot
Sep The Art of Building: Grimm Jewelry Store Walt Disney Visits Henry Ford's Greenfield Village William Perry – First African American Hired by Ford Motor Company
Oct Nikola Tesla Death Mask Sketching Henry Ford's Lawsuit Light’s Golden Jubilee
Nov Lamy's: A Diner from the Golden Age DC-3 Airplane Harrows of The Henry Ford
Dec Hanukkah: Festival of Lights Electricity?—I’ll take a pound… 1750 Mixing Table
  2003 2002 2001
Jan Early Auto Show Programs Movie Magazines 1962 Barbie Dream House
Feb March on Washington Pennant Rosa Parks Bus Black Swan Records: "Oh, Daddy" by Ethel Waters
Mar Ruth Adler Schnee Design Mrs. Firestone's Couture Dresses 1811 Dickson Engine
Apr World's Tournament of Base Ball Town Bands Bickford & Huffman Grain Drill
May 1859 Corliss Steam Engine "Our Hero," Charles Lindbergh Carousel Toys
Jun First Ford Motor Company Checkbook Rose Cottage Detroit Publishing Company Photographs
Jul Secret Agent Men (and Women) Reapers Plastic Picnic Table Cover
Aug Fordson Tractor Miniature Glass Figures 1926 Ingersoll-Rand Diesel-electric Locomotive
Sep The Ivory Soap® Contest Photographers of the 20th Century Industrial Landscape 1897 Weights and Measures Chart
Oct Halloween Ephemera 1997 General Motors EV1 R. Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion House
Nov Detroit Central Farmers Market A Turkey for the Thanksgiving Holiday 1901 Ford Race Car "Sweepstakes"
Dec American Christmas Cards Daggett House Firefighting Equipment
  2000 1999 1997
Jan No pic :-( Special occasion dresses Cadillac New Year's Advertisement
Feb "Crazy Blues" sheet music 1703 Stradivarius violin Portrait of W. C. Handy
Mar Norman Rockwell painting Oliver chilled plow 1720 Press Cupboard
Apr The Brewster Chair German secretary desk, ca. 1720-1780 Telegraph set at Smith's Creek Depot
May Air Jordans 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible 1880s Baseball Trade Card
Jun Atlantic Locomotive Classic lunch boxes 18th century tea service
Jul 1800s Earthenware Baseball Plate No pic :-( 1865 Lincoln White House Lithograph
Aug Stover Windmill 1st Kodak camera ca. 1855 Gothic steam engine
Sep No pic :-( Budd XR-400 Convertible 1899 Locomobile Steam Runabout
Oct Westinghouse Threshing Machine Allis-Chalmers Tractor Steam Traction Engine
Nov Daguerreotypes Edison's kinetoscopes Burger Chef Star Wars® Funmeal® Tray
Dec Canadian Pacific Snowplow Nickelodeons A light bulb machine
Jan 1939 World's Fair poster    
Feb Valentine Postcard    
Mar Property Auction Broadside    
Apr "April Showers" sheet music    
May D. M. Ferry & Co. Trade Card    
Jun Receipt for a bicycle chain purchased by Henry Ford    
Jul Sesquicentennial International Exposition souvenir    
Aug Travel Literature    
Sep McGuffey Readers    
Oct Thurston the Great Magician poster    
Nov 1912 Presidential Election Ballot    
Dec Edsel Ford's letter to Santa    

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