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Race car driver Lyn St. James is a trailblazer in a non-traditional field who tirelessly pursued the opportunity to compete alongside men. A role model for young women and the founder of the Women in the Winner’s Circle Foundation, Lyn continues to be a driving force in the lives of aspiring women race car drivers.

The Women in the Winner’s Circle Foundation has joined forces with The Henry Ford to document the extraordinary history and accomplishments of women in motor sports through the development of an inspirational exhibit.  Its purpose is to:

  • Engage viewers, and inform them about the history of women in motor sports
  • Raise awareness of the growing women’s presence and leadership in the sport
  • Provide role models for the power of determination and positive thinking
  • Showcase racing as a gender-neutral sport, where men and women truly compete together and against each other without handicaps; in effect demonstrating that racing is a “true example for society”


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Women in the Winner's Circle Brochure


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