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Internal combustion, in-line 2 cylinder engine
(mounted horizontally), water-cooled. No radiator.
Engine located under seat.
Two 3 h.p. motors
Steering tiller operates clutch and gears.

Weight of vehicle:700 lbs.
Stroke:5 1/2"
Displacement:138 cu. in.
Gasoline tank:8 gallons. Uses regular stove gasoline.
Transmission:3-speed belt drive transmission.
Top speed 20 m.p.h., 3 m.p.h. in reverse.
(According to product literature of the time.)
Wheelbase: 60"
Diameter of wheels:34" front and 38" rear. 2 1/2" pneumatic tires.
Tread: 52"
Original Price:$1000 - $2000 (The museum's Duryea sold for $1500)

The Duryea Featured Automobiles The Showroom
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