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Sales Literature

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image of cover 1909 Sales Brochure

"Watch the Ford Go By
High Priced Quality in a Low Priced Car

Model T Roadster - 4 cylinder. 20 h.p. - A touring car for three - $850.00 f.o.b. Detroit

Proven by Service
At the time this edition of the catalog was issued, January 1st, 1909, several hundred Model T cars had been delivered and were in actual and satisfactory service. The reports are uniformly enthusiastic, the car has proven every claim made for it, and demonstrated its superiority. Cars have been shipped into every State of the Union, to every country in Europe, to Asia, Africa and Australia, and have made good.

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Vanadium Steel
The Model T is built entirely of the best materials obtainable. No car at $5000 has higher grade, for none better can be bought. Heat treated Ford Vanadium steel throughout; in axles, shafts, springs, gears-in fact a vanadium steel car-is one evidence of superiority.

Nobody disputes that Vanadium steel is the finest automobile steel obtainable...We defy any man to break a Ford Vanadium steel shaft or spring or axle with any test less than 50% more rigid than would be required to put any other steel in the junk pile...

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inside pages

flyer image 1912 Mail Flyer

"75,000 Vanadium Steel Ford Model T Cars for 1912."

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inside flyer "More astounding than the manufacture of 75,000 cars in one year is the reduction in price.
$690 for Ford Model T Touring Car
$590 for Ford Model T Commercial Roadster
$900 for Ford Model T Town Car
$700 for Ford Model T Delivery Car

Every Car Fully Equipped No Ford Cars Sold Unequipped
These prices are possible by reason of the large production and splendid efficiency of the great Ford Factory. Ford Model T for 1912 is the same high quality Car."

Excerpt from inside flyer:
One-third of all Cars made in America in 1912 will be Fords. What a Valuable Message to the World. That old, reliable 4-cylinder, 5-passenger Model T touring car, unchanged during its four years before the public...Is it any wonder that "When Ford speaks the World listens." If this were the announcement of a new model you might be skeptical of the car's merits, but Ford Model T is the best known car on earth."

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Brochure cover


1913 Sales Brochure

The Company's Reputation
IN THE ten short years of its life, the Ford Motor Company has acquired a reputation for financial stability that is scarcely equalled in the commercial world, and that is unmatched in automobiledom. The Ford Company might almost be likened to the government of the United States, for the public buys Ford cars with the same assurance and faith that it buys Government bonds.

...The public has confidence in Ford cars because it knows that Henry Ford and James Couzens still control the destinies of the Model T, and that thesemen have demonstrated beyond the slightest doubt their sincerity, integrity and ability.

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One Model
THE Ford is the first and foremost standardized car on the market. The Ford Motor Company builds but one model - one car, the Model T chassis. Of course, several different bodies are used on this chassis, but after all is said, the chassis is the car.

Can you grasp what it means to build but one car for a period of years - and to build this car in quantities such as has the Ford Motor Company? The purchasing in stupendous quantities of materials, parts, and accessories enables the securing of the lowest possible prices, which always go with quantity orders and strictly cash payments. Consider what a force goes behind the Ford Motor Company as a buyer when it enters the market for the material to build 185,000 or more cars; when it buys 90,000 tons of Vanadium steel - 800,000 wheels - 800,000 tires - 1,000,000 lamps, and other materials in proportion. And remember - all spot cash payments - no notes, no promises, no delay - but spot cash. You cannot measure such a tremendous influence in its effect on buying prices."

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Inside brochure

cover of catalog Excerpt:
In the Model "T" Car is employed the splash system of oiling, developed to its highest state of perfection in a way that insures satisfaction. It is entirely a new departure, but its extreme simplicity is a guarantee of its effectiveness even had it not been given a complete and thorough working out for months. The oil must be distributed as long as the engine is running for the running itself distributes the oil, and there is nothing to get out of order or cause trouble.

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Weight is too important a factor to be passed by lightly. Suppose a car is 500 pounds heavier than necessary, that represents a quarter ton of dead weight. It means as much as the combined weight of a family of four, a man and his wife and two children are very serious handicap, virtually double load every time you go riding.
But still Ford leads. The Model "T" weighs less pounds per horse power than any other touring car made. On the other hand, to prove the wisdom of our construction and to forestall the disclaimers that are sure to arise, we challenge any touring car manufactured to achieve equal results be it in the way of speed, hill climbing, long life, roadability or dependability. There isn't an ounce of unnecessary weight; there hasn't been an ounce of necessary weight sacrificed.

The price is very low - much less than at which it has heretofore been considered possible to make a touring car. We have no apology to make for this price, but it is only fair that in explanation we assure you that the price is simply the result of the Ford Quantity System of production, and the additional fact that we make our profit from the large number of sales and are therefore satisfied with a smaller percentage on each sale.
Henry Ford has long since demonstrated his ability to build a better car and sell it for considerably less money than any other manufacturer, and the Model "T" is simply an additional evidence of that fact.

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