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1932 V8 Featured Automobiles The Showroom


Taken from "Ford V8 Instruction Book," 1932

Engine:    90-degree, 8-cylinder, V-type
Cylinder Bore ............................ 3 1/16 inch
Stroke ........................................ 3 3/4 inch
Horsepower (S.A.E. rating) ........30
Transmission:    Synchronized selective sliding type with helical constant mesh gears in second speed. Three speeds forward and reverse.
Clutch:    Single plate dry disc with mechanical damper. Moulded asbestos composition facings.
Brakes:    Four wheel mechanical, internal expanding brakes operated by the foot pedal and the hand brake lever. Total braking surface 186 square inches.
Steering Gear:    3/4 irreversible-hour glass worm and sector type. Ratio 13 to 1.
Oiling System:    Engine lubricated by positive displacement gear pump direct to crankshaft main and connecting rod bearings, and camshaft bearings, by splash to balance of engine. Oil pan capacity 5 quarts.
Cooling System:    Thermo-syphon, pump acclerated-capacity 22 quarts.
Fuel System:    Tank capacity 14 gallons.
Hydrostatic fuel gauge.
Automatic downdraft carburetion.
Diaphragm type fuel pump.
Rear Axle:    3/4 floating type with torque tube drive. Spiral bevel drive pinion and gear.
Tires:    18 x 5.25 - pressure 35 pounds
Wheelbase:    106 inches.
Turning Circle:    39 feet.
Tread:    56 inches.
Road Clearance:    9 inches.
Engine Number:    The engine number is also the serial number of the car. The number is stamped on top of the clutch housing, also on the frame side member in front of the left dash bracket.

Car Colors taken from "1932 Ford Restorer's Guide," Accession 175

Entire body Ford Medium Maroon
Moulding Black
Stripe Gold
Entire body Brewster Green Medium
Moulding Brewster Green Light
Stripe Silver
Entire body Tunis Gray
Moulding Old Chester Gray
Stripe Tacoma Cream
Entire body Old Chester Gray
Moulding Tunis Gray
Stripe Tacoma Cream
Entire body Washington Blue
Moulding Black
Stripe Tacoma Cream
Entire body Black
Stripe Gold
Upper and moulding Brewster Green Medium
Lower and Reveals Brewster Green Light
Stripe Silver
Entire body Winter Leaf Brown, Light
Moulding Winter Leaf Brown, Dark
Stripe Tacoma Cream

1932 V8 Featured Automobiles The Showroom
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