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The Tucker '48...The Car You Have Been Waiting For
You've waited long years for a really new car. Here it is ... completely new, yet with engineering principles completely proved in 15 years of rigid tests.

Yes, and you've waited for a car that would give you as much for your money as before the war. The Tucker '48 does that and more. It's finer, more luxurious than the most expensive cars of today, yet priced in the medium field. It has a 128" wheelbase, is 5' high from road to roof, and delivers 30 to 35 miles per gallon at moderate driving speed.

Later this very year, this exciting new car will be ready to drive...ready to give you the motoring thrill of your life. Be among the first to give it a workout. You owe it to yourself to get acquainted with a car so completely new in line and completely proved in engineering principles...that it will still be a leader many years and thousands upon thousands of miles from now.

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This brochure for the Tucker advertised the "First Completely New Car in Fifty Years." It reads:
"Yes, the Tucker is the most exciting car of the year, and for years to come. It is completely new in engineering principle, yet completely proved in more than fifteen years of rigid tests.

Everything about the car is a clean break with outmoded tradition. The engine is in the rear, between the rear wheels where engine power is needed. It's a new kind of engine, too, bringing motorists for the first time the many improvements in design developed and proved by American leaders of aviation.

[...] Only mass production on a scale to match the vast resources of the Tucker plant, the largest and most modern automotive plant in the world, can bring this car to American motorists in the medium priced field."

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Inside the brochure, "A Few of the Many New Safety Features" are highlighted.
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Safety Windshield - Laminated safety glass is mounted in sponge rubber fastening so that a hard blow from within will eject it in one piece. Thus, greatest collision hazard-lacerations or fractured skull from striking windshield-is entirely eliminated. Windows are armor-plate glass which disintegrates without cutting edges or slivers.

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Safety Frame Surrounding Passenger Compartment - Vital protection against injury in case of collision. And protection for car, too, because frame is tapered front and rear like the prow of a ship. Thus a slanting bow-as in 90% of all collisions-is deflected sidewards with minimum damage.

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Crash Board Cowl and Safety Chamber - Conventional instrument panel is replaced by attractive sponge rubber crash board cowl. Instruments in steering column. Under cowl is spacious safety chamber, protected by steel bulkheads, which driver and front seat occupants can drop into, in a split second, in case of impending collision.

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