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General Specifications
Exterior Colors for 1964 1/2 Mustang
Warranty Plate Information for Models and Equipment

The car warranty number and other important identification information is stamped on the warranty plate, which is attached to the rear face of the left front door. The official serial number for registration purposes is stamped on the left fender apron in the engine compartment.

Approximate Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity 16 gallons
Engine Cooling System *Includes 1 quart for heater.
    6-cyl.*9.5 quarts
    8-cyl.*14.5 quarts
Engine Crankcase *Includes 1 quart required for filter replacement.
    6-cyl.*4.5 quarts
    8-cyl.*5.0 quarts
    3-speed-6-cyl.2 1/2 pints
    3-speed-8-cyl.3 1/2 pints
    4-speed-6-cyl.4 1/2 pints
    4-speed-8-cyl.4 pints
    6-cyl.7 1/2 quarts
    8-cyl.8 1/2 quarts
Rear Axle
    6-cyl.2 1/2 pints
    8-cyl.4 1/2 pints

General Dimensions

Wheelbase 108"
Tread-Front-6-cyl. 55.4"
Tread-Front-8-cyl. 56"
Tread-Rear 56"
Overall Length-Hardtop and Convertible 181.6"
Overall Width 68.2"

Overall Height

    2+2 Fastback51.2"

Luggage Capacity (cu. ft.)

    2+2 Fastback5.5

Curb Weight (lbs.)

    2+2 Fastback2606


170 CID Six 260 CID V-8289 CID V-8
Taxable Horsepower29.4 46.251.2
Brake Horsepower101@4400 rpm 164@4400 rpm220@4400 rpm
Torque (Foot-Pounds)156@2400 rpm 258@2200 rpm304@2800 rpm
Fuel Requirement1Regular RegularRegular
Compression Ratio8.7 to 1 8.7 to 19.2 to 1

Standard Gear Ratios-Transmissions and Axles

1st 2nd 3rd4thRear Axle


3-Speed3.29 1.831.003.50
4-Speed3.16 2.211.411.003.50
Cruise-O-Matic2.46 1.46 1.003.50

260 CID V-S

3-Speed2.79 1.701.003.00
Cruise-O-Matic2.46 1.461.003.00

289 CID V-8

4-Speed2.78 1.931.361.003.00
Cruise-O-Matic2.46 1.461.003.00

Wheel Alignment Optimum Service Specifications

6-Cylinder 8-Cylinder
Caster Degrees (Curb Load)1/2 degrees Positive 1/2 degrees Negative
Camber Degrees (Curb Load)1/2 degrees Positive 1/2 degrees Negative
Toe-In (Inches)9/32" 9/32"

Fuses (12 volts)

CircuitLocation Fuse Number
RadioFuse Panel on Left Side Cowl SFE-7.5
Instrument LightsFuse Panel on Left Side Cowl AGA-2
Turn Indicator and Back-up LightsFuse Panel on Left Side Cowl SFE-14
Heater FanFuse Panel on Left Side Cowl SFE-14
Lights-Parking, Rear, and Rear LicenseFuse Panel on Left Side Cowl AGC-15
Lights-Dome, Courtesy and ConsoleFuse Panel SFE-7.5
Air ConditionerCartridge in Power Feed Wire AGC-15
SpotlightCartridge in Power Feed Wire SFE-7.5
Windshield Washer Pump  SFE-7.5

Battery (12 volts)
Standard Battery

    6-cyl. 40 Ampere-hours54 plates
    8-cyl. 55 Ampere-hours54 plates
    Taxi 55 Ampere-hours66 plates

Circuit Breakers

CircuitLocation Rating
HeadlightsIn Lights Switch 12 amp.
Windshield Wiper Motor-Single SpeedIn Wiper Switch 5 amp.
Windshield Wiper Motor-2-SpeedSame as Above 12 amp.
Convertible TopOn Starter Relay 20 amp.
Cigar LighterAttached to Lighter Socket Reset

Lights (12 volts)

Wattage or Candlepower Lamp Number
Headlights50-40 watts 6012
Parking and Front Turn Indicator32-4 cp 1157
Stop, Tail, and Rear Turn Indicator32-4 cp 1157
Back-Up21 cp 1142
Rear License Plate4 cp 1155
Courtesy Light (Under Instrument Panel)6 cp 631
Courtesy Light (Console)3 cp 1816
Glove Box Light (Console)1.5 cp 1445
Radio Dial1.9 cp 1891
All instrument panel bulbs unles otherwige indicated2 cp 1895
Spotlight 4.4" Diameter30 watt 4405
Parking Brake Warning Light1 cp 257

Tire Pressures

Hardtop and Convertible
Pounds per Sq. In. (Cold)*
Front 24
Rear 24
*For considerable high-speed driving or heavy loads, add 4-6 pounds to recommended cold pressure.

1965 Mustang Featured Automobiles The Showroom
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