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A Colonial Family and Community
This module addresses specific curriculum Social Studies Content Standards and English Language Arts Content Standards that can be integrated into existing classroom curriculum.

Related Social Studies Content Standards

Historical Perspective--Comprehending the Past--Standard 1.2.6: Use narratives and graphic data to compare the past of their local community and other parts of the United States.

Geographic Perspective--People, Places and Culture-- Standard 2.1.3 Locate and describe the cultures and compare the similarities and differences among the roles of men women and families.

Geographic Perspective--Location, Movement and Connections--Standard 2.3.6 Explain how transportation and communication link people and communities.

Inquiry--Information Processing--Standard 5.1.4 Locate and interpret information about local, state and national communities using a variety of traditional sources electronic technologies and direct observation

Inquiry--Conducting Investigations--Standard 5.2.11 Construct answers to social science questions posed and support their answers with evidence.

Related English Language Arts Content Standards

Meaning and Communication--English Language Arts--Standard 3 Employ multiple strategies to construct meaning through reading or viewing text...

Meaning and Communication--English Language Arts--Standard 3 Write about their reactions/response to a visual, written and or electronic text and compare their responses to those of others or their personal lives.



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