“Local Roots” is a term we use to reflect our commitment to and collaboration with our local Southeastern Michigan food community. At The Henry Ford we source a large percentage of our food products from family farms and local producers. By creating a demand for local products, we support area farmers, create jobs and stimulate the local economy. This also enables us to offer better tasting, healthier food to all of our guests at The Henry Ford every day. We invite you to learn more about our local growers and producers and shop with them for your own family or business needs!

  • Corridor Sausage

    Corridor Sausage Co. was founded in 2009 by Zachary Klein and Will Branch to bring handcrafted and artisan meats to the Detroit market.

    Contact Information:
  • Dearborn Sausage

    Dearborn Sausage Co Inc. is a family owned business started in 1946 in Dearborn, MI where we continue to operate today. Our 200 employees operate an 85,000 square foot facility that includes state of the art equipment and a 4,000 square foot retail outlet. Our plant produces sausage, franks, hams, and jerky. Our flame glazed spiral sliced ham is our most prominent product. We are basically a regional supplier, but our products are shipped nationwide. Taste and consistency are our 2 greatest attributes. We provide a great value at a high level of quality.

    Contact Information:
    Dearborn Sausage
    2450 Wyoming Avenue
    Dearborn, MI 48120
  • Eat Local Eat Natural Distributors

    At Eat Local Eat Natural we have three objectives: to provide healthier, more nutritious food, reduce the carbon foot-print required to get food to our tables, and to help support our local economy. We work directly with local farmers and producers to distribute Meat & Dairy products to restaurants & specialty markets within the metro-Detroit area. Our farmers raise their animals on pasture, or for poultry cage free, to allow the animals to live as close to their natural habitat as possible. These farmers practice sustainable farming including the use of all natural anti-biotic-free, hormone-free & GMO-free feds. This system of farming produces healthier animals & healthier food than that produced from industrially farming systems. The foods are leaner with higher nutrient levels, and without any of the chemicals found in conventional foods. The added bonus is that we get to work directly with our customers – like the chefs at The Henry Ford and all of our farmers & producers!

    Contact Information:
    Eat Local Eat Natural Distributors
    3685 Jackson Road
    Ann Arbor Mi, 48103
  • Ernst Farm

    All natural meats, hogs, beef, sheep and grains. 220-acre centennial farm in Freedom Township.

    Contact Information:
    Alvin Ernst
    9440 Spies Road
    Ann Arbor MI 48103
  • Fairway Packing Co.

    Contact Information:
    Fairway Packing Co.
    1313 Erskine
    Detroit, MI 48207
  • Northern Lakes Seafood and Meats

    Contact Information:
    Northern Lakes Seafood and Meats
    12301 Conant Street
    Detroit, MI 48212-2341
  • Sy Ginsberg

    Contact Information:
    Sy Ginsberg
    3273 Hubbard
    P.O. Box 10185
    Detroit, MI 48210-0185
  • Artesian Farms

    We provide sustainably-grown, pesticide-free, non-GMO, produce at fair price.

    Contact Information:
    Artesian Farms
    12843 Artesian St
    Detroit, MI. 48223
  • Gass Centennial Farms

    Gass Centennial Farm Vegetables, melons, squash, greens, and a variety of fruits thru the season.

    Contact Information:
    Gass Centennial Farm
    17825 31 Mile Road
    Ray, MI. 48096
    Gass Centennial Farms
  • Goetz Farm

    Jonathan and Karlene Goetz have been selling produce at the Ann Arbor Farmers' Market since 1977. They have a centennial farm on which they grow vegetables and plants on 25 acres, year round vegetables in their hoophouses, and vegetables and plants in their greenhouse. Some conventional farming practices are used, but they have tried to integrate more and more organic practices into their general growing practices. Soil is improved using cover crops and organic insecticides are used whenever possible. No GMO seed is grown on the farm.

    Contact Information:
    Gass Centennial Farm
    17825 31 Mile Road
    Ray, MI. 48096
    Goetz Farm
  • Todosciuk Farms and Greenhouses

    Know your farmer, know your food. Buy local!

    Contact Information:
    Todosciuk Farms and Greenhouses, LLC
    5611 Preston Road
    Howell, Michigan. 48855
    J&T Todosciuk Farms & Greenhouses
Dry Goods / Grocery
  • Barlows Gourmet Products Inc.

    BARLOW’S BEST Enjoy Barlow’s Gourmet Sauce with Friends & Family. Great for Grilling Roasting, or as a Dipping Sauce. Delicious on ribs, chicken, pork loins, beef, salmon or Wild Game. Created and enjoyed many years ago on the shores of Lake Breamar Barlow’s Gourmet Sauce is made from a Special Family Recipe.

    Contact Information:
    Barlows Gourmet Products Inc.
    Rose Township MI 48442
  • Bettermade Chips

    Better Made Snack Food Company was founded on August 1st, 1930 by Cross & Peters in Detroit, Michigan. Over the years, the Detroit based chip company has outlasted 22 local competitors. Today, the Motor City might best be known for its own Better Made Snack Foods, which uses locally grown potatoes and trans fat-free cottonseed oil to produce potato chips that have earned a loyal following in Detroit, Michigan & beyond.

    Contact Information:
    Bettermade Chips
    Detroit, MI 48213
  • Chef Source

    We provide our customers with the best quality gourment food available today. We promise to provide you with hard to find, great specialty food products, tremendous service, industry and product knowledge to assist you in your operations, along with a unique learning opportunity to learn from some of the most skilled Chefs in the industry.

    Contact Information:
    Chef Source
    5492 Research Dr
    Canton, MI 48188
  • Chestnut Growers Inc.

    Chestnuts (Castanea sp.) have been used and enjoyed worldwide for several thousand years. In Europe, chestnuts are consumed in a wide variety of dishes, from soups, stews, and stuffing to fancy deserts. Chestnut flour is the secret to many of the fancy French pastries. In other parts of the world, such as China, chestnut is a staple food in their diet. Chestnuts have about half the calories of other nuts and the lowest fat content of all the main edible nuts. This would be 4–5 percent fat in chestnut, as compared to hazelnut's 62 percent and pecan's 71 percent. In composition and food value, the chestnut, is more akin to cereal grains, such as wheat, with its high complex carbohydrate content of about seventy-eight percent. Other nuts have a low carbohydrate content. Since chestnuts are starchy rather than oily, they are readily digestible when roasted or boiled.

    Contact Information:
    Chestnut Growers Inc.
    5243 Lawndale Rd.
    Saginaw MI 48604
  • Clancy's Fancy, LLC

    Clancy's Fancy is in a category of its own. The flavors and textures are unlike anything you've ever tasted, and it cannot be described in just a few words. It only uses the freshest, natural ingredients.

    Contact Information:
    Clancy's Fancy, LLC
    401 East Stadium
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104
  • Detroit Popcorn

    Since 1923 we have been catering to the needs of our customers through professional services, sales, rentals, leases, and placement programs. We distribute a complete line of ready-to-eat snack foods, and a full line of concession equipment and supplies for all types of fun foods, including popcorn, cotton candy, nachos, frozen drinks, corn dogs, candy apples, and much, much, more... So whether it's a complete concession stand, a popcorn machine for your showroom or home, a truckload of snack foods, or service for your equipment, we're here to help. We'll show you how to have fun and make money too! Count on us to be your one-stop fun food shop! Thank you, Detroit Popcorn staff

    Contact Information:
    Detroit Popcorn
    14950 Telegraph Rd.
    Redford MI 48239
  • Earthy Delights

    Earthy Delights is America's premier supplier of specialty foods to quality conscious American Chefs. We pioneered the use of overnight delivery to get fresh produce from the farm to the kitchen in the shortest time possible. We are leaders in offering wild-harvested and hand-crafted foods from small harvesters and growers to a larger audience. Now we are bringing this same selection of fine products to the adventurous home chef, using the power of the internet. We offer wild mushrooms and other seasonal wild-harvested items, fresh specialty produce, fine hand-crafted cheese, aged balsamic vinegar, exotic spices and hard-to find ingredients to the professional chef and the at-home culinary artist. As the palate of the American public becomes more sophisticated, our catalog of fine foods is constantly expanding to meet and anticipate the needs of the adventurous professional and at-home chef.

    Contact Information:
    Earthy Delights
    1161 E. Clark Rd. Suite 260
    Dewitt MI 48820
  • Export Ope's LLC

    Ope’s creates food with a distinct philosophical base. Simply, we are committed to improving the health of our planet and the health of all life that inhabits it. Ope’s as a business and philosophy, was created by Dr. Richard A. Oppenlander. For the past 40 years, Dr. Oppenlander has studied nutrition, the implications of our dietary choices on the environment, and our food industry. From that research, evolved a broader understanding of the enormous impact our food choices have on many aspects of life. Also apparent is the need for healthier food options and accessibility than what is currently available through fast food outlets, academic institutions, hospitals, and conventional retail outlets. So, Ope’s was created offering a new mode of quick service restaurants, food options that we deserve, and a new program to increase the awareness of the effect our choices have on our planet.

    Contact Information:
    Export Ope's LLC
    5192 W. Michigan Ave
    Kalamazoo, MI 49006
  • Garden Fresh Salsa

    Gather the world's best ingredients, craft them into delicious, high quality, proprietary products and offer them at a reasonable price.

    Contact Information:
    Garden Fresh Salsa
    1505 Bonner St.
    Ferndale MI
  • Grand Rapids Popcorn

    Whatever your taste buds desire, our gourmet popcorn will satisfy those cravings. From chocolate-drizzled caramel corn to the traditional butter popcorn, we offer a large variety while appreciating the popcorn tradition. Since 1944, Grand Rapids Popcorn Company has been family owned and operated. Having grown from humble beginnings, Grand Rapids Popcorn now specializes in concession supplies and equipment, while still being dedicated to freshness and taste. For the popcorn enthusiast, Grand Rapids Popcorn offers supplies to make homemade gourmet popcorn; including poppers, oil, seasonings, and a variety of corn. For any occasion, our handcrafted gifts are filled with excitement and the taste of freshness. Family, friends, and business associates will all enjoy the personalized details placed in each gift. Made to order, our gourmet gifts are a perfect way to treat out of town friends or relatives. Our shipping services allow you to send the perfect delicious gift from the comfort of your home. Our vision is to preserve tradition and create quality products. Each of our gourmet gifts are designed with the taste bud in mind. Visit our showroom to taste samples and to browse our selection of popcorn essentials. We will provide you with all of the tools to create a "perfect pop."

    Contact Information:
    Grand Rapids Popcorn
    4675 West River Dr. NE
    Comstock Park MI 49321-8923
  • Grazing Fields Cooperative

    Farmers egg cooperative. Jane Bush also runs Apple Schram Organic Orchard.

    Contact Information:
    Grazing Fields Cooperative
    1300 W. Mt. Hope Hwy.
    Charlotte MI 48813
    Grazing Farms Cooperative
  • Kettle Corn of Michigan

    For over thirteen years, Owner Robert Beaudette has built a solid reputation as one of downriver's most trusted small businesses. Bob and his team are committed to providing quality service to the community. They believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable business is the recipe for success. The Kettle Corn of Michigan, Inc. team believes in earning a good reputation through consistent service and a quality product. You can put your trust in Kettle Corn of Michigan, Inc. We provide personal service and exceptional quality. Our unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value are why our loyal customers won't go anywhere else. We look forward to serving you!

    Contact Information:
    Kettle Corn of Michigan
    Wyandotte, MI 48192
    (734) 307-5748
    Kettle Corn of Michigan
  • Koeze Nut Co.

    How We Sell Koeze Company sells products through four primary channels. We sell our products at wholesale both to distributors and directly to retailers. In Grand Rapids, Michigan we have two company-owned retail stores. We also have a division called Third Coast Partners that serves the charitable groups who sell our products to support their communities. Finally, we have appointed Koeze Direct, LLC to serve our catalog and e-commerce customers.

    Contact Information:
    Koeze Nut Co.
    PO Box 9470
    Grand Rapids MI 49509
  • Mamma Mucci Pasta

    We are recognized and used throughout the industry by certified master chefs and members of the United States Culinary Olympic Team. Today, customers recognize and expect high quality ingredients, healthy and nutritional alternatives with variety and value. Satisfy your customer's demands and create repeat business by giving them everything they're looking for in great tasting pasta. Mama Mucci's is dedicated to giving our customers only the very best service by fulfilling all of their needs and supplying only the highest quality, all natural premium pasta available anywhere.

    Contact Information:
    Mamma Mucci Pasta
    7676 Ronda Drive
    Canton, MI 48187
  • McClure's Pickles

    Sprinkled with the right amount of mouth-watering seasonings the chips trick your tongue into tasting zesty pickles before dissolving into the savory potato taste... the crinkle cut also evokes the playfully familiar form pickles often take.

    Contact Information:
    McClure's Pickles
  • Michigan Green Safe Products

    Green Safe Products is a Detroit based business, focused on providing eco-friendly alternatives to oil-based disposable products. Our products are made from renewable resources such as corn, sugarcane, and biomass. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a numerous and diverse selection of environmentally responsible products. We encourage our customers to choose earth friendly alternatives whenever possible. We are committed to delivering high quality, earth friendly products at the most competitive prices.

    Contact Information:
    Michigan Green Safe Products
    1331 Holden Ave
    Detroit MI 48202
  • Mindo Chocolate Makers

    In 2008, a plan to retire and build a small winter home in Ecuador surprisingly turned into a restaurant, hotel and a chocolate making business. Here is Jose's (Joe) story: Six years ago my wife and I went to Ecuador, S.A. I was born in Riobamba, Ecuador and had not returned for 41 years. We liked it and kept going back to visit every year. In 2007 we bought a piece of land and in 2008 began construction or our "little house". Jose is an entrepreneur (serial entrepreneur as described by one of our restaurant customers) and somehow the little house turned into a restaurant and a hostel named El Quetzal de Mindo, in Mindo, Ecuador. Mindo is about 1 1/2 hours drive from Quito, the capital of Ecuador.

    Contact Information:
    Mindo Chocolate Makers
    11061 Trinkle Rd
    Dexter MI 48130
  • Sanders

    Sanders Chocolates was first opened by Fred Sanders on June 17, 1875. Eventually, there were more than 57 stores in the Great Lakes Region alone, selling candy, fudge toppings, and baked goods, as well as light lunches and an assortment of desserts at fountain counters, including Ice Cream Sodas, Sundaes and Hot Fudge Cream Puffs. Sanders soon became the leading purveyor of confections in the region and started selling directly to national supermarket chains, as well as to other retailers in the area. We still follow Fred Sander's simple mission to "bring European confectionary style to America by using only the finest ingredients and providing loyal an dutiful customer attention, while selling his confections at a reasonable price." Fred Sanders Chocolates and Toppings are still made following strict formulas by dedicated lifelong candy makers. In 2002 Morley Candy Makers, Inc purchased the Sanders name and recipes to add to its own tradition since 1919. We are proud to make Sanders "Chocolate Worth Sharing." FUN FACTS Accident or Masterpiece?— On a hot summer day in 1875, Sanders concocted what was to be believed the first ice-cream soda! According to legend Fred created the drink when the milk and cream turned sour one busy afternoon. Not wanting to disappoint his customers, Sanders substituted ice cream, and the drink was an immediate success. Henry Ford worked for Sanders— Sanders was one of the first companies in Detroit to use electric motors to run equipment. As a new source of technology the motors would often break down. To remedy this, Fred Sanders hired Henry Ford as a young mechanic who worked at Edison Illuminating Company before he started Ford Motor Company. A True Visionary— In the early 1900s the Sanders family owned one of the first electric automobiles; it provided much amusement for the early skeptics. The “electric “ seemed to have a temperamental streak; it would bring the family downtown in grand style, but once parked in front of the Sanders store it would refuse to run except in reverse.

    Contact Information:
    23770 Hall Rd.
    Clinton Twp., MI 48036
  • Shernni's Candies

    Since 1986 Shernni's Candies has been hand-making confections. We take great pride in knowing that our candy is crafted with pride using the highest quality ingredients available. We believe that quality cannot be compromised, and that is something that you CAN taste! Enjoy your confections....we think you will. And that is how we have become known as "The Best Chocolates Around."

    Contact Information:
    Shernni's Candies
    67310 Van Dyke Rd
    Washington MI 48095
  • Slow Jams

    Slow Jams - Handcrafted, locally sourced, slow cooked Jams, Jellies and Preserves


    Handcrafted and slow cooked, featuring Michigan produce and Michigan sugar.

    Local. Traditional. Delicious.

    Because Slow Jams is dedicated to Michigan agriculture, our lineup of varieties reflects the bounties of our great state and changes with the seasons and the harvest.

    Contact Information:
    Slow Jams Jam
    800 Vernier Rd.
    Gross Pointe Woods, MI 48236

    Slow Jams
    Slow Jams Blogspot
  • The Brinery

    Contact Information:
    2531 Jackson Ave., Suite 157
    Ann Arbor, MI 48103
    Store Phone: 734.717.4469
  • Westwind Milling Co.

    Dear Friends, Welcome to our very unique mill, flour store, and bakery. We offer only locally and sustainably grown foods so that each visitor can take part in the amazing bounty that their own community can create Most food in America today comes from a far away place where the conditions surrounding its production involve exploitation, pollution, erosion, and the overuse of fossil fuels. People have become disconnected with what they eat, where their food comes from, and thus, their ability to be connected with who they are. We want to show that this does not have to be. It is not the only way. We provide food that is healthy for your body, healthy for the environment, and healthy for the local economy. We grow grains without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, in soil that has been enriched with green manures and compost, by rotating crops and allowing the soil to rest. Our chickens and turkeys live with freedom of movement and in a setting that is natural to their species. This place is a resource that Michigan consumers want and need. Come take part in helping to create a healthier, more sustainable world! Lee, Linda, & Family

    Contact Information:
    Westwind Milling Co.
    8572 Silver Lake Road
    Linden, MI 48451
Beverages / Dairy
  • Absopure Water

    Absopure Water Company's humble beginnings date back to 1908, when Absopure Ice was delivered to Detroit area customers on horse-drawn wagons. Originally a brand name of General Necessities Company, Absopure was located in Detroit's Fairview Station at the foot of Lycaste Avenue. Through the 1920s, the company thrived and even offered an Absopure brand of electrical "Frigerators," advertised nationally in the Saturday Evening Post. As a result of the Great Depression, Absopure was purchased by Arthur and Belle Porteus who formed a new business called Absopure Water Company, concentrating on bottled water products. From their plant on Henry Street near Tiger Stadium, they offered home delivery service. Over the next two and a half decades, Absopure continued to thrive. In the mid 1950s, William P. Young purchased Absopure Water Company. Through innovation and an acute business sense, Mr. Young successfully built on Absopure's foundation of quality. Mrs. Young and their son, William C., (Bill) helped the family business by assisting with the day-to-day operations. Bill joined Absopure full time in 1961, and soon became the driving force in the company. Through the years, his children, too, became active in Absopure Water Company. In 1973, the Young Family merged with Chicago-based Beatrice Foods, but remained the managers of the Absopure division. Through Beatrice's resources, significant investments were made in new equipment and facilities modernization. Plus, CAP10 sparkling mineral water was added to the Absopure product lines at that time. In 1982, the Young Family re-purchased Absopure from Beatrice and has continued to build on the company's success into the new millenium.

    Contact Information:
    Absopure Water
    8845 General Dr
    Plymouth MI 48170
  • Becharas Brothers Coffee

    Pride. Quality. Service. Trust. Respect. Knowledge. Expertise. Tradition. Family. These aren’t new ways of doing business. This is how it’s supposed to be done. These are the building blocks of excellence. Back in 1914 when the late George and Nicholas Becharas founded the company, these values were the foundation for the Becharas Brothers Coffee Co. and continue unchanged to this day. Through hard work and determination, these two European immigrants built a thriving business. They saw the opportunity that existed in this great country and made the most of it. The fruits of their labor currently span three generations and assure that the knowledge gained through nearly 100 years of coffee roasting experience is manifested today in a superior product.

    Contact Information:
    Becharas Brothers Coffee
    14501 Hammilton Ave
    Highland Park MI 48203
  • C.F. Burger Creamery

    CF Burger Creamery

    Contact Information:
    C.F. Burger Creamery
    8101 Greenfield Rd.
    Detroit MI 48228
  • Chartreuse Tea

    Chartreuse Organic Tea grew out of a love of pure, natural things - and the simple beauty that comes with sitting down with friends and sharing dreams. Our dreams became reality when, in 2004, we formed a company dedicated to providing the very best herbs from the very best gardens: natural, organic herbs from around the world. Chartreuse is the color of a new blade of grass after a spring rain. It is the color of the herbs when they first push up through the soil to be nourished by the sun. It is the color of the heart in the Wheel of Life. This is our journey to wellness - to transform from the harshness of caffeine that tea leaves bring to the beauty and softness of organic tisanes...the evolution of tea. Bringing the very best is our commitment to you.

    Contact Information:
    Chartreuse Organic Tea
    2837 West Jefferson Ste 1
    Trenton, MI 48183
    Chartreuse Tea
  • Eat Local Eat Natural Distributors

    Our Mission… The mission of Eat Local Eat Natural is to make it easy for restaurants to buy locally grown and raised natural foods and to connect local farmers with local restaurants. We’re proud to be part of a growing movement toward sustainable, organic farming within our region. We want to encourage local restaurants to use locally grown foods and to encourage farmers to use sustainable and organic farming practices. Our vision is to move away from a reliance on big agriculture and its unhealthy practices, to break away from dependence on the petroleum and chemicals used not only in transporting food but in growing and raising it as well. This will reduce the “carbon footprint” we’re leaving on Earth. Our hope is to make this healthy, tasty food accessible to the Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan area. In the near future, we plan to open a store and café, offering our products to the general public.

    Contact Information:
    Eat Local Eat Natural
    3685 Jackson Rd.
    Ann Arbor Mi, 48103
  • Faygo

    Faygo - the original party pop!

    Contact Information:
    Faygo /> 3579 Gratiot Avenue
    Detroit, Michigan 48207-1829
  • Great Lakes Tea & Spice

    Throughout our travels, we’ve sought after flavors from around the world that have inspired and enlightened our senses. Now is our opportunity to bring those flavors to you. Made from all natural, handpicked ingredients and put together in tea and spice combinations from classic to eclectic, we’re sure there’s a flavor to flatter your palette.

    Contact Information:
    Great Lakes Tea & Spice
    6610 Western Ave. - M109
    Glen Arbor, MI 49636
  • Guernsey Dairy

    Family Tradition Since 1940Guernsey Farms Dairy has been family owned and operated since 1940. Our products are made using only the finest ingredients specially formulated by founder John McGuire. Guernsey Farms Dairy Restaurant and Store are located at the same site as our dairy processing plant. 48 flavors of premium ice cream. Fresh dairy products and probiotic milk. Delicious ice cream toppings. Chip dip, sour cream, and yogurt. Lemonade and beverages.

    Contact Information:
    Guernsey Dairy
    21300 Novi Road
    Northville, Michigan 48167
  • Mountain Town Brewing

    Contact Information:
    614 W. Pickard St.
    Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
  • North Peak Brewing

    Contact Information:
    400 West Front Street
    Traverse City, MI 49684
  • Northwoods Soda

    The company founder, Bill Fosdick, moved his family to the Grand Traverse area in 1988.He did so, with the purpose of starting his own soft drink company and with the idea of making a better quality of life to raise his four children. By the end of the first year Bill had acquired two distributors, a local restaurant chain, and about twenty individual customers. Bill’s wife, Maureen, and their children have all worked in the family business since its inception. When the children were little, their favorite job was “taste testing”, which helped to develop the flavors that Bill uses now. Upon graduating from college with a business degree, Bill’s son, David, joined the business as his father’s partner, helping their business to expand. Quality has always been at the foundation of Northwoods Soda, making it easy to offer a full money back guarantee on every product they manufacture.

    Contact Information:
    Northwoods Soda
    5450 Broomhead Rd.
    Williamsburg MI 49690
  • Rusted Crow Spirits

    It's a sense of pride and strength to combat the toughest of times. After everything that has happened to us in the last few years, we still stand smiliing, eager to call this place home. It's the sheer strength of the people of Michigan that inspires Rusted Crow Spirits. It makes us proud to tell people we're from here. What makes us even more honored is to truthfully tell people that we strive to incorporate Michigan products in as many aspects of the distilling process as we can. We promise to use Michigan grains in our spirits and to never sway from that. No matter where this takes us, one thing is for sure: we will boldly and honestly label "Made in Michigan" on every single bottle that is ever distributed. We will never forget our home.

    Contact Information:
    Rusted Crow Spirits
    6056 North Telegraph
    Dearborn Heights, MI 48127
  • Two James Distillery


    Contact Information:
    2445 Michigan Ave.
    Detroit, MI 48216
  • Zingerman’s

    What is Zingerman’s Anyway? The question seems simple. But the truth is, it’s just not that easy to answer. I can tell you that since we opened our doors in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1982, Zingerman’s Delicatessen has become one of the country’s leading specialty food stores. With an emphasis on education, flavor, tradition and integrity of ingredients, we’ve worked to create a living, breathing, active culinary laboratory where one can experience everything from corned beef and noodle kugel, to hand-picked Kalamata olives, to hand made croissants and pretty much everything in between. And in the process we’ve gained a reputation for sourcing unique, full flavored, traditionally made foodstuffs from all over the world

    Contact Information:
    3723 Plaza Drive
    Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108
Baked Goods
  • Achatz Pies

    Our Mission has always been to create for our customers the best pies money can buy. Our tender, flaky crust and real fruit fillings and all of the other locally grown products we use to make our pies, are fresh and natural. No wonder food writer Kate Lawson has stated “Achatz makes the best pies you'll ever eat”— The Detroit News. Achatz Pie Company cares about what we put into our pies. Our ingredients have to stand up to our high standards for quality, purity and goodness.

    Contact Information:
    Aschatz Pies
    30301 Commerce Boulevard
    Chesterfield, MI 48051
  • ASB Distributors

    Our company was founded in 1973 by George Assimacopoulos delivering from the trunk of his 71′ Plymouth Duster! George soon developed a strong clientele in the Downtown Detroit area serving customers with products from a handful of local bakeries. In the mid 90′s, sons Andy and Spiro joined George to form Assimacopoulos Bakery Distributors Inc. The business steadily grew, servicing accounts throughout suburban Detroit and continuing to expand it’s network of supplier bakeries. By 2003 we established our own warehousing facility and began representing regional baking companies in the Detroit market. In 2006, Assimacopoulos Bakery Distributors Inc. merged operations with Mike Sanfilippo of Supreme Sales & Service, to form Assimacopoulos Supreme Baking Co. (ASB). Mike operated his company since the early 80′s and had a strong hold on the hotel and country club segments of the market. Merging the two companies further diversified our customer base, strengthened our delivery capabilities and increased our product offerings. Early in 2010 we established George Anthony Baking Co. (G&A) to further increase our ability to service our customers. The G&A product line is artisan in nature, but performns exceedingly well in commercial foodservice applications. ASB is proud to offer the widest variety of fresh, high quality, delivered baked goods available. We are a family owned company that takes pride in what we do. It is our mission to provide the highest quality products and service available and become a true asset to your business or institution.

    Contact Information:
    Asb Distributors
    1750 Southfield Road
    Lincoln Park, MI 48146-2246
  • Cateraid

    Cateraid, Inc. was founded in 1982, with the intention of providing high quality, labor-intensive products to the food service industry. The rationale for such a goal was well founded in both industry and demographic trends prevalent in 1982 and continuing to present day. There continues to be an increasing demand for high quality in food service.

    Contact Information:
    1167 Fendt Dr.
    Howell, MI 48843
  • Flatout Inc.

    Our Story Hello! I’m Stacey Marsh, and I have a passion for FLATOUT flatbread. Our awesome flatbread can be enjoyed by the whole family! Our two daughters who are 9 and 10, their grandparents and everyone in between absolutely love it! And we’re sure you will, too! It all started when my husband, Mike, and I were fresh out of college. Fueled by lots of enthusiasm and dreams of success we decided to open a restaurant and promised ourselves we would take whatever profits we initially made and invest in community organizations. So it happened that in 1990 we began our career in food service with a restaurant. After listening to our customers say time after time, “Why don’t you two bake these wraps and sell them?” we took their advice to heart and decided to go for it. My mother and father have always said, “Never look back and say what if…” And we never did. We dove headfirst into the baking business! We recognized the void in the marketplace for a flatbread that could become a premier carrier for many food applications. After running a successful restaurant we figured it couldn’t be that hard to bake this unique flatbread we envisioned. Well….. learning the baking business was a lot harder than we ever imagined!!

    Contact Information:
    Flatout Inc.
    1422 Woodland Dr.
    Saline, MI 48176
  • Hungarian Strudel Shop

    Contact Information:
    Hungarian Strudel Shop
    6816 Park Avenue
    Allen Park, MI 48101
  • Imerman Cake Co.

    Contact Information:
  • M.C. Products

    M.C. Products, a Michigan Company that started business in 1990 with the idea of manufacturing and selling the highest quality par baked Pizza Crusts and Frozen Dough Balls. We wanted a product that would give the end user exceptional taste and durabilty with flexibility of shorter prep time, longer shelf life and less waste. Our products are made with all natural ingredients with NO perservatives or artificial flavors. They taste great and will keep your customers coming back for more. We offer two styles of pizza crusts,Traditional and Deep Dish. The first style looks more like a pizzeria style pizza and the second is thick and airy, just add the toppings heat and serve. And for those that would like to make your own pizzas we offer a variety of frozen dough balls. We supply sport stadiums, gas stations, convenient stores, restaurants, pizzerias, hotels, schools and hospitals.

    Contact Information:
    M.C. Products
    3105 Old Farm Lane
    Commerce, MI 48390
  • Zingerman's

    Zingerman's is a community of eight businesses all located in the Ann Arbor, MI area. Our mission is to share the Zingerman’s experience selling food that makes you happy giving service that makes you smile in passionate pursuit of our mission showing love and caring in all our actions to enrich as many lives as we possibly can.

    Contact Information:
    3723 Plaza Drive
    Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108
  • Culinary Tourism Association

    The International Culinary Tourism Association (ICTA) was founded in 2003 as a non-profit trade association. Over the years, the Association has grown exponentially in terms of membership, international visibility, and variety and breadth of programming since its inception. We have robust programs in culinary tourism education and research, culinary tourism development, and culinary tourism promotion.

    Contact Information:
  • Dearborn Farmer's & Artisan Market

    Mission The Dearborn Farmers & Artisans Market is managed by the Dearborn Chamber of Commerce with the intent to bring people together in the community, to strengthen and support local farmers, to support local entrepreneurs and small businesses and to promote healthy living by providing quality, fresh and wholesome food. Over thirty carefully selected vendors sell only seasonal, Michigan produced farm products and goods, including fresh flowers, vegetables and produce, artisanal baked goods, cheeses, and meats. Other finds are fine juried artisans, garden art, soaps, and woodworking. When: Fridays: 8:00am – 1:00pm New: also Tues Evenings June 19, July 17, Aug 21 4:00-7:00 pm Season dates: May 25-October 26, 2012

    Contact Information:
    Dearborn Farmer's & Artisan Market
    22101 Michigan Ave.
    Dearborn, MI. 48124
    Phone: 313-673-4207
  • Detroit Eastern Market

    Each week as many as 40,000 people flock to Eastern Market for its Saturday Market to enjoy one of the most authentic urban adventures in the United States. The market and the adjacent district are rare finds in a global economy - a local food district with more than 250 independent vendors and merchants processing, wholesaling, and retailing food.
    At the heart of Eastern Market is a six-block public market that has been feeding Detroit since 1891. Every Saturday it is transformed into a vibrant marketplace with hundreds of open-air stalls where everyone from toddlers to tycoons enjoy the strong conviviality served up along with great selections of fruits, veggies, fresh-cut flowers, homemade jams, maple syrups, locally produced specialty food products, pasture and/or grass-fed meat and even an occasional goose or rabbit.
    Come on down and join the fiesta. Devour the great bounty of Michigan, Ohio, and Ontario harvests, find paradise in the dazzling array of plants and flowers, and relish the rich history and colorful stories of the market and its characters.

    Contact Information:
    Detroit Eastern Market
    2934 Russell Street
    Detroit, MI 48207
    Phone: 313.833.9300
  • Farmington Farmers Market

    Contact Information:
    Farmington Farmers Market 33113 Grand River Avenue, Farmington, MI.
    (248) 971-5882
    Farmington Farmer's Market
  • Feed the Need (Detroit Area Chefs)

    Feed the Need is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting education and awareness of local hunger issues by sponsoring physical activities and events.

    Contact Information:
    Feed the Need
  • Forgotten Harvest

    Forgotten Harvest relieves hunger in the Detroit metropolitan community by rescuing surplus, prepared and perishable food and donating it to emergency food providers.

    Contact Information:
    Forgotten Harvest
  • Heart 2 Hart Detroit

    Heart 2 Hart Detroit is unlike any existing organization. We’re like a modern day cavalry that goes out into the streets every single Monday, Wednesday and Friday and literally hands out life-sustaining items to hundreds of homeless Detroiters. We don’t just pass out helpful items and leave. Our team goes even further to provide critical assistance. We have connected people to community service organizations, to rehab facilities, to estranged family members and even to potential employers.

    Contact Information:
    Heart 2 Hart Detroit
    32310 Shrewsbury
    Farmington Hills, MI 48334
  • Historic Farmers Market of Lapeer
  • Let's Move Museums & Gardens

    The mission of IMLS is to inspire libraries and museums to advance innovation, lifelong learning, and cultural and civic engagement. We provide leadership through research, policy development, and grant making. IMLS supports key issues of national concern.
    Let’s Move! is about putting children on the path to a healthy future during their earliest months and years. Giving parents helpful information and fostering environments that support healthy choices.
    There are an estimated 17,500 museums in the U.S. which collectively host at least 850 million visits each year. Through the Let’s Move! Museums & Gardens initiative, museums, zoos, public gardens, historic sites and science and technology centers can join the call to action in fighting childhood obesity.

    Contact Information:
    Institute of Museum and Library Services
    1800 M Street NW, 9th Floor
    Washington, DC 20036-5802
    Phone: 202-653-IMLS (4657)
    Let's Move Institutions
  • MCCA, Michigan Chefs de Cuisine Association

    There are many American Culinary Federation Chapters across the state of Michigan. However, in the heart of southeastern Michigan, there is a very special chapter. The M.C.C.A. was founded in 1970 by Master Chef Milos Cihelka, whose vision it was to create one of the most prestigious chef's associations in the nation. The Chapter consists of about 350 members.

    Contact Information:
  • Michigan Farm to Institution Network

    The Michigan Farm to Institution Network is a space for learning, sharing and working together to get more local food to institutions. We aim to meet the Michigan Good Food Charter goal of 20% Michigan food to institutions by 2020.

    Contact Information:
    Center for Regional Food Systems
    Michigan State University
    480 Wilson Road
    Natural Resources Building
    East Lansing, MI, 48824
  • Oakwood Health Care Systems

    Provide excellence in care, healing and health to the individuals and communities we serve.

    Contact Information:
  • The Old Winery Farmers Market

    As Farmington's summer Farmer’s & Artisans Market season began to wind down, our customers kept commenting on how much they enjoyed shopping at the market and didn’t want it to come to an end. They wanted to be able to continue purchasing products from the vendors they got to know from May through November. We started talking to other vendors and found that they still had product to offer and were excited about being able to do so through the winter. Thus, the birth of The Old Winery Farmers Market. With a wide variety of vendors and activities for both adults and children, we try to offer something for everyone. We hope you will get a chance to come visit us! Jean Smith Market Master

    Contact Information: