There are two ways to browse the images in Image Source

  1. Browse by categories (Browse Categories) [not ready yet]

         These are some of the major categories represented in Image Source; however they do not cover all topics

  2. Browse by subject terms (Image Source Browse)

    Image Source Browse enables browsing by particular authorized subject terms arranged A to Z
    Only terms from the subject fields (personal, corporate and geographic names, and topical and genre terms) are included in Image Source Browse
    To find all images with the same subject term click on the term


  1. Search terms are not case sensitive. You can use either upper or lower case letters.
  2. Search for an exact phrase by putting it in quotes
  3. Keyword searching searches all fields except for Subject Date. To search Subject Date, use Advanced Search
  4. Use advanced search to reduce the number of hits from a previous search


  1. Multiple Words

    When searching multiple words the system will automatically supply the Boolean AND operator between each word; multiple words entered for the search will all occur somewhere in the retrieved records though not necessarily in the order entered.

  2. Phrase Searches

    Search for complete phrases by enclosing them in quotation marks. Words enclosed in quotes will appear together in results exactly as typed.
         Example: “automobile racing”


  1. Advanced search allows for searching in specific fields such as title, creator, date, photographer and subject.
  2. You can combine keyword fields to limit or broaden search results.

         Use AND to narrow your search (all keywords must be present to result in a hit)
         Use OR to broaden your search (only one keyword needs to be present to result in a hit)
         Use NOT to narrow your search (description contains one keyword but not the other)

  3. Subject Searching

    The Subject keyword searching field searches personal, corporate, and geographic names and topical and genre terms.

    Each image has been assigned several subject terms. If you know the subject heading you would like to search on, enter them in the Subject field. For a list of subject headings to choose search terms from, click on the Image Source subject browse link for an alphabetical index. Click on a letter to view lists of subject headings beginning with that letter.

  4. Abstract Searching / Anywhere Keyword

    This is a field in the description designed for “free text” searching; it contains the most descriptive text about the image. Use the Anywhere Keyword search field and type in common words to describe what you are looking for. Although not every image has an abstract, abstracts are regularly added to existing descriptions.

  5. Image ID

    Every image in Image Source has a unique THF prefixed ID number. If you know that number, it is the most efficient way to locate the image.