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The Home Arts exhibit explores the many innovations in the home that have affected our daily lives. From bathtubs to sewing machines to dishwashers, this exhibit highlights an incredible diverse collection of household equipment and appliances. The highlight of this exhibit is a display of four kitchens from different eras.

1930s Kitchen
A highly popular exhibit in the museum is the Historic Kitchens. See how this all-important room has changed from the late 1700s to the 1930s. This 1930s-era kitchen shows how electricity, running water, and new products were drastically changing daily life in twentieth-century America
Electrochef Range
The streamlined, shiny-white Electrochef electric range, with six burners in the center and an oven on each side, was introduced in the 1930s.

Electromaster, Inc., Detroit, MI
Made: 1925-1935
ID: 76.135.1
Upright Parlor Stove
Cast-iron parlor, or heating, stoves, whose ornate decoration reflected Victorian sensibility, came into vogue in the 1850s. Parlor stoves were far more efficient and a family was no longer tied to the fireplace as its only source of heat. Parlor stove production continued until the 1930s, when indoor heating rendered them obsolete.

Sill Stove Works, Rochester, NY
Made: 1886
ID: 33.128.1