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Some of the most interesting pieces from our large collection of American-made and American-worn jewelry of the last three hundred years are on exhibit. Everything from Indian trade silver necklaces to exquisite shell cameos to "cheap" sets of plastic art deco bangle bracelets is on permanent exhibition. We've included men's things too-- from gents' scarf pins to beautiful be-jeweled watches.

Art Deco Plastic Bracelets

USA [?]
Made: ca. 1903
Victorians adored jewelry of ancient Ireland and Scotland. This brooch is a mixture of Celtic and Scottish motifs. The form is adaptation of an ancient Irish brooch, however it is set with the kinds of stones found in Scotland.

Made: ca. 1855
ID: 00.4.5174
Necklace of gold and human hair
Hair jewelry was popular in the 19th-century, considered an important memento of a loved one who had died, or perhaps from a sweetheart still living. The wearer could take comfort that their loved one was near. Popular magazines of the times featured instructions to assist Victorian ladies in creating their own hair jewelry.

Made: ca. 1855
ID: 00.3.13492