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4th-5th Grades—Looking At Evidence and Taking a Stand


National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies Strands I, II, V, VI, X

National Standards for the English Language Arts 1, 4, 7

Social Studies

4-C5.0.4 Describe ways citizens can work together to promote the values and principles of American democracy.

5-U3.1.5 Use the Declaration of Independence to explain why the colonists wanted to separate from Great Britain and why they believed they had the right to do so.

5-U3.1.6 Identify the role that key individuals played in leading the colonists to revolution, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, John Adams and Thomas Paine.

5-U3.1.8 Identify a problem confronting people in the colonies, identify alternative choices for addressing the problem with possible consequences, and describe the course of action taken.

Language Arts
R.CM.04.04, R.CM.05.04 Apply significant knowledge from grade-level science, social studies, and mathematics texts.
S.CN.04.03 Speak effectively using facial expressions, hand gestures, and body language in narrative and informational presentations.
L.CN.04.02, L.CN.05.02 Listen to or view critically while demonstrating appropriate social skills of audience behavior (e.g. eye contact, attentive, supportive) in small and large group settings.

S.CN.05.02 Adjust their use of language to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences and for different purposes including research, explanation, and persuasion.