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Real Guest Testimonials
Below is a collection of real guest comments, collected from various blogs, surveys and thank you letters:

  • The event was SPECTACULAR!!!  The place was beautiful and everyone was so helpful in pulling off a wonderful experience for our guests! Michelle and her team were amazing!  They were able to accommodate a slightly earlier start with dinner service and proceeded with dinner service swiftly allowing us to start our recognition program even earlier. The food was DELICIOUS!!!! Thanks so much! If (and I hope this is the case) the Market Manager chooses to return this event to your venue again next year, let's make note that I would like to rent silver chivari chairs to compliment the linens and sleek lines of the airplane and surrounding exhibits. It was a pleasure working with you again, Joanne!  I hope to do so again in the future.  This trip reminded me that I need to bring my kids to Detroit to visit your venue.  So much to see and do!!

  • Thank you again for helping make our day PERFECT.  It was everything I'd ever dreamed.  We couldn't have picked a better venue, and the service!  Holy moly everyone was just fantastic. People are STILL raving about the food, too!  You were simply amazing with us, and I am forever grateful.  Thank you SO much.

  • I had my ceremony at the Martha-Mary chapel. The staff did a great job with coordinating my day. The chapel was also very beautiful.

  • Lovett Hall was the perfect place for our wedding. I love the chandeliers and the ballroom of Lovett Hall. The wood floors are great, no carpet!! The food was great and taking pictures instead of the museum added a special touch, although we had to make arrangements to take pictures within the bldg before they closed - so there were people walking around the bldg - but we got the shots!!

  • Had both my wedding and reception at Lovett Hall and loved, loved, loved it. It was so beautiful and unique and the quality of everything was wonderful. And I was really happy with how friendly and helpful everyone on the staff was. I truly felt like a princess through the entire experience.

  • The Henry Ford Museum was absolutely amazing! The food is unbelievable and the service is top notch. We had many out of town guests come and they could not believe a wedding could be held in such a unique location. 3 months later and our guests are still raving about everything!

  • We had my daughters reception at Lovett Hall, and pictures in the village. Treated like royalty by all. Just made the day a Cinderella day for my daughter. Would recommend the Henry Ford to anyone.

  • We had the most beautiful wedding! The staff was really great about meeting with us to hash out the details. Everyone was very nice. The only thing about picking a historic site for you wedding is that there are restrictions on things such as blowing bubbles, or handing up twinkle lights or anything that might degrade the integrity of a historic building.

  • We had both our ceremony and reception in Lovett Hall. The Henry Ford was great to work with. They definitely are pricey, but they are worth every penny. We actually saved close to $10,000 by having the wedding on a Friday - we weren't super excited about a Friday wedding, but we couldn't turn down that price! Our original planner was Carrie, but wound up being switched to Donna. Donna was great - she seemed willing to bend over backwards to accommodate anything we needed. The staff was also great, and everyone raved about the food. And the hall is absolutely gorgeous! Our guests are still talking about the Faygo Float Station that we had - I had no idea that red pop could make such a tasty float. As someone wrote anonymously in our guestbook, Lovett Hall rocks!

  • We were married in the Anderson Theater with our reception in the museum. People are still commenting on the uniqueness of the venue and how wonderful the food was. It was a first class experience and Christina Dodge was a pleasure to work with in coordinating our ceremony / reception.

  • I am convinced that the Henry Ford Museum is the most unique venue to host a wedding reception in Southeast Michigan. Our reception was absolutely incredible, and left every guest in awe! We could not believe how many people told us that our wedding was the flat-out best they had ever attended. The food was unbelievable, and the Henry Ford staff balanced sophistication with downright fun and flair to make our reception just the best time ever. The staff worked with us to get every last detail right, and were attentive and caring in the process. We first looked at the Henry Ford complex because we were interested in Lovett Hall, and when they told us we could have a wedding actually IN the museum, we initially shrugged it off. After seeing just how cool the set-up would be, though, especially since we had a ton of out-of-town guests we wanted to 'showcase' Detroit to, we were quickly sold on the Museum. We couldn't have been happier with the experience. If you have the budget, book the Henry Ford Museum. I can practically guarantee you will be just as in awe with your own wedding day as your guests are!

  • We had our wedding at Lovett Hall, where they provided the catering, as well as all of the furniture and decor. They did an excellent job with very beautiful settings, tasty food, and a unique atmosphere.

  • We had our ceremony and reception at Lovett Hall at the Henry Ford. As soon as we saw Lovett hall we fell in love with it. It is so beautiful, elegant and perfect! The staff was very professional and accommodating. They made our wedding run smooth and timely. The staff, food, venue and decor was wonderful...we couldn't have asked for everything to be more perfect!

  • We highly recommend Lovett Hall!

  • The Eagle Tavern was awesome! The food was great, the accommodated all my needs and made the whole process really easy.

  • Food was excellent!  Being a vegetarian, I was worried but my meal was the best I’ve ever had!  Our guest loved the food, and are still commenting on it.  Emily was so friendly and was a real delight to work with.  She was super quick to reply to all my emails and phone calls.  Emily rocks!!  We really love the Greenfield Village.  We loved that we could walk from the chapel to the Taste of History.  We love the history of the site.  Now the Village will hold an even bigger place in our hearts.

  • We are still hearing great comments from our guests on how delicious the food was.  This will be the event to beat!  J  I loved seeing all of our guests walking around and enjoying the museum – that was exactly what we wanted!  A truly amazing night

  • Emily is a star!  It was a pleasure working with her on our event.

  • Angela is a wonderful – a true professional who clearly knows what she is doing and loves it.  Thanks for everything!  As this a new menu for us and we didn’t have a chance to taste it pre-event, we didn’t know what to expect.  It was amazing – our guests raved!  Looking forward to partnering with you again in 2011!  ☺

  • The overall event exceeded my expectations by a lot!  It was a spectacular night.  Kudos to Joanne and her staff! Also kudos to my party planner Leslie Jacobs who worked closely with The Henry Ford staff to make sure all went well.

  • Donna was always available to answer any questions I had in a timely manner.  She made the planning such a fun process.  We had so many compliments on the food – it was AMAZING!!!  I loved Lovett Hall – it really was a romantic and classic venue.

  • Great!  Donna was very timely with her responses, and very pleasant to work with!  She was excited for all of her couples.  Everything ran so smoothly.  The staff was friendly and helpful to all guests and us.  They always made sure we didn’t need anything.  We heard nothing but wonderful comments about the food from all of our guests.  Wonderful experience!  Thanks!

  • Joanne was fast and accurate with communication.  She was patient and always friendly as was all staff.  Sara was right on top of things before, during and after the event.  Flowers were incorrect; Sara called and had the problem resolved before the event began!  Kudos!  Compliments on the food by all!  We appreciate the chef showing flexibility if needed.  Thankful for all of Joanne’s suggestions and recommendations!  Thank you for a wonderful event!  Could not be happier!

  • Donna was upbeat and a joy to work with!  Our guests can’t stop raving about the food.  “Best food we’ve EVER had at a wedding!”  I fell in love with the overall look and feel of Lovett Hall as soon as I saw it.  My wedding was like a fairytale ball in this gorgeous setting!

  • The food was excellent, we received many comments about how great everything tasted.  Everything was beautiful, we couldn’t be happier with how everything went on our wedding day.  We would definitely recommend The Henry Ford to anyone looking for a unique and special wedding venue!

  • Donna did a great job!  We are very appreciative.  Food was excellent!