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Curriculum Connections

SS.I.2 Students will understand narratives about major eras of American and world history by identifying the people involved, describing the setting and sequencing the events.
SS.II.1 Students will describe, compare and explain the locations and characteristics of ecosystems, resources, human adaptation, environmental impact and the interrelationships among them.
SS.IV.2 Students will explain and demonstrate how businesses confront scarcity and choice when organizing, producing and using resources and when supplying the marketplace.
SCI.I.1 Students will ask questions that help them learn about the world and learn from books and other sources of information.
SCI.II.1 Students will analyze how science and technology affect our society.
SCI.III.5 Students will explain how parts of an ecosystem are related and how they interact.
ELA.7 Students will demonstrate, analyze and reflect upon skills and processes used to communicate through listening, speaking, viewing, reading, and writing.
TEC.6 Students will evaluate the societal and environmental impacts of technology and forecast alternative uses and possible consequences to make informed civic, social and economic decisions.