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Glossary of Terms

annealing furnace — process of heat treating metal to get desired properties of softness and ductility (easily formed in to a new shape). For example: heating and slow cooling of a piece of iron.

blast furnace — a furnace for smelting of iron from iron oxide ores; combustion is intensified by a blast of air

coke oven — an oven for the conversion of coal into coke by heating the coal in the absence of air so as to distill the volatile ingredients.

compost — a mixture of decayed plants and other organic matter used by gardeners for enriching soil

contraction — reduction in size: a shrinking or reducing

decentralization — to move the control of an organization or government from a single place to several smaller ones

dolomite — a light colored mineral consisting of calcium magnesium carbonate; a source of magnesium; used as a ceramic and as fertilizer

efficiency studies — method in management theory which determines, after careful study of an individual at work, changes to improve productivity.

expansion — an increase, or the amount by which something increases, in size, extent, or scope

flexible manufacturing — a manufacturing system in which there is some amount of flexibility allows the system to react in the case of changes, whether predicted or unpredicted.

foundry — factory where metal castings are produced

insulate — protect from heat, cold, noise, etc. by surrounding with insulating material

marshland low — lying wet land with grassy vegetation; usually is a transition zone between land and water

membrane — a thin, pliable, and often porous sheet of any natural or artificial material

peat — a compacted deposit of partially decomposed organic debris, usually saturated with water

phytoremediation — the process of decontaminating soil by using plants to absorb heavy metals or other pollutants

porous — able to absorb fluids

shale — a dark fine-grained sedimentary rock composed of layers of compressed clay, silt, or mud

solar driven — to use the energy and light of the sun

stamping plant — a place where a sheet metal part is formed or shaped by pressing rolled sheet metal between metal dies (hardened metal blocks).

thermal water storage — tank designed to retain heat

wetlands — a low-lying area of land that is saturated with moisture. Marshes, swamps, and bogs are examples of wetlands.