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Reinventing the Rouge

When Henry Ford built the Rouge, he created a factory that dramatically improved workplace quality and pay. And he did so during an era when the notion that America was blessed with an infinite supply of natural resources was part of the culture.

But all that has changed. The once mighty Rouge has not been immune to the ravages of time. And today, people in every corner of the world are worried about natural resource depletion. But instead of abandoning the aging brownfield site, Ford is revitalizing the Rouge in ways that are good for business as well as the environment. In doing so, Ford is proving that environmentally sound manufacturing processes can, in fact, be profitable. Ford’s approach, often referred to as sustainable design, might also be described as high-performance design. A high- performance building will:

  • Lower annual energy costs
  • Lower long-term maintenance costs
  • Use non-toxic, easily recycled materials
  • Create healthier work environments
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Attract talented recruits
  • Improve market image
  • Help protect the environment

By combining emerging technologies with timeless understandings, Ford is cleaning storm water and renewing degraded soil using natural processes, bringing daylight and fresh air back into the factory, and much more.

The Rouge is not only being rebuilt, it’s being reimagined as a model of sustainable manufacturing — a workplace that helps protect the environment for future generations while it inspires a new paradigm for economic growth.

Visitors enjoy the observation
deck at the new Ford Rouge
Factory Tour.
Courtesy Ford Motor Company.