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Activities for Teachers


  • The Rouge: Field Trips
    This field trip experience is designed to introduce students to the history and science of auto manufacturing.

  • The Ford Rouge Complex:  A Case Study in Industrialization
    Curriculum Connector
    Use this new curriculum-aligned tool with students during and after their Ford Rouge Factory Tour visit to reinforce field trip learning when students return to the classroom. At the Ford Rouge Factory Tour, students can learn about the natural, human and capital resources needed for manufacturing and the changing face of industrialization in southeastern Michigan.  A timeline, glossary, review questions and post-visit activities are included in this easy-to-use and downloadable learning tool.

Bring the Ford Rouge Factory into your classroom! Use these resources to increase student understanding of the vital role the Rouge played in Michigan, American and World history.

  • PowerPoint Presentations for the Classroom
    Use these PowerPoint presentations to explore the past, present and future of the Rouge. Designed for teachers to use and adapt for students depending on grade level, curriculum needs and classroom technology capabilities.

    The Rouge: An Overview
    A general overview of The Rouge from its establishment as the largest industrial complex in the world in the 20th century to its revitalization in the 21st century. Each image includes brief, background information. Many images include questions for further analysis, interpretation and discussion.
    (Size: 1.2 MB)

    Henry Ford's Innovations at the Rouge
    The Rouge was about more than simply production. Learn about glass making, the paper mill, and workers with disabilities at the Rouge.
    (Size: 4.5 MB)

    Organizing the United Auto Workers at the Rouge
    Once a hero to the working class, Henry Ford's work rules became stricter during the 1930s. Workers began to organize unions to protect their rights.
    (Size: 3.5 MB)

    21st Century Ford Rouge Factory—Environmental Innovations at the Rouge
    Discover the rebuilt and re-imagined Rouge—a workplace that helps protects the environment by using emerging technologies to manage water, soil, daylight and air.
    (Size: 1.8 MB)

  • The Rouge: A Timeline
    A general chronology related to the Ford Motor Company that focuses on The Rouge.

  • Connections to the Michigan Curriculum Framework
    A visit to the Ford Rouge Factory Tour can introduce or reinforce selected content standards in social studies, science, and English language arts.

  • Bibliography of Additional Print and Online Resources
    There is an extensive array of additional print and online resources that can be used to increase student knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the Ford Motor Company and the Rouge Plant. This selection of resources is recommended and used by teachers to spark interest and enthusiasm in this great American manufacturing story.

  • Glossary of Terms
    Improve student understanding and vocabulary associated with the Ford Rouge Factory.