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Henry Ford
Genius at Work™

Let your imagination run wild in one of the greatest gatherings of everyday genius ever assembled. From race cars to freedom rides, modular houses to microprocessors, experience the breakthroughs big and small that have made our world what it is today.
Museum +
Insider’s Tour
Behind-the-scenes one-hour tour. Discover insider info about iconic artifacts.
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Ford Rouge
Factory Tour
America's Greatest Manufacturing Experience

Beyond the awe-inspiring sweep, scale and action of the real-life factory floor where the Ford F-150 is made, get set for some eye-opening encounters with the technology of tomorrow—today.
The Ultimate Film

Let the spellbinding power of Michigan's largest 2D/3D movie screen sweep you into the ultimate movie experience.
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Must-See Events
Engines Exposed
January 9 - February 28, 2016
You can learn only so much about a car from the outside. You have to look under the hood to see what it’s really made of. So for just eight weeks, we’ll be raising the hoods of a few of our most memorable vehicles. That’s where a car reveals its true character: its class, its brawn, its heart.

It’s an unprecedented excursion as we pop the hoods of more than 40 of the most iconic cars ever made, including our Bugatti Type 41 Royale Convertible, our 1962 Mustang 1, the 1963 Chrysler Gas Turbine and the remarkable 1916 Woods Dual Power Hybrid Coupe, a car that was 80 years ahead of its time.

Visionary design. Mastery of the road. Explore the engines that changed the world. Only at Henry Ford Museum.
Celebrate Black History!
February 3-7, 10-14, 17-21, 24-28, 2016
At Henry Ford Museum, Black History Month is a time of celebration and examination, a time of assessment and questioning. Select days each week during February, we explore a different aspect of African-American history, from the northern migration and the roots of civil rights history to the triumphs and challenges of the present day. Fifty years ago, the idea that an African American might be president was unimaginable. How did we get from there to where we are today? From what Africans brought here as slaves to modern-day visionaries who have changed the course of American history, the history of black Americans is filled with possibility, promise and pain. You’ll find activities everywhere you go in the museum, including the Michigan Café, where we offer African-American-inspired recipes that are available only during Black History Month.
The Magical History Tour: A Beatles Memorabilia Exhibition
April 30 - September 18, 2016
The Beatles changed pop culture and the world of music forever. Were you an original Beatlemaniac? Or are you simply inspired by their music today? Either way, you’ll have the chance to experience the creativity, love and curiosity of the Fab Four firsthand as The Magical History Tour: A Beatles Memorabilia Exhibition makes its U.S. premiere at The Henry Ford. Don’t miss the most comprehensive Beatles exhibition ever assembled, featuring instruments, clothing, rare original photos and many never-before-displayed artifacts!

Follow the Beatles’ iconic story from the very beginning, through the throes of Beatlemania, to the years of experimentation and dissention, and finally to their far-reaching inspiration today. This amazing story is told from the perspective of the Beatles, and visitors will experience pivotal points in their lives through this exhibition.

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