Looking Through Things

Transparent Technology, Fashion, and Systems

Special Event at Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation®

  • July 14 - September 16, 2018
  • Location: outside The Gallery by General Motors

What is the purpose of a transparent thing? Looking Through Things asks us to explore that question this summer in Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation during this pop-up exhibit.

Crystal-clear plastics were born out of scientific research during World War II and were swiftly co-opted for creative applications in fashion, our homes, and technology. A car’s windshield is clear because we need to see through it to keep us safe as we drive. But a see-through telephone? That invites us to look inside an object and question how it works.

From raincoats to everyday shoes, lightbulbs to paperweights, and accessories you’d find throughout your home, Looking Through Things showcases modern objects as well as artifacts dating back to the 19th century. This exhibit shows us that clearness can be a provocation, calling attention to the use of unexpected materials, applied to familiar forms.

Located outside The Gallery by General Motors, Looking Though Things will also present all 13 colors of the original 1998 Apple iMac G3. Referred to as "the computer that saved Apple," the iMac went into production 20 years ago this summer.


Featured Artifacts

Apple iMac G3 Personal Computer, 1998-1999   Learn More 

Sunglasses, circa 1955   Learn More 

General Electric Tungsten Light Bulb, 1912   Learn More 

Tupperware "Wonderlier" Bowls, circa 1954   Learn More 

Unisonic "Model 6700 ZX" Telephone, circa 1989   Learn More 

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Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation

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Senior (62+) Free $28.75
General Admission (12-61) Free $32.00
Youth (5-11) Free $24.00
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