Innovate Curriculum

Unlocking the Next Generation

Building an Innovative Mindset and Entrepreneurial Skills

Show your students that the next world-changing idea could be theirs. That’s why we created The Henry Ford Innovate Curriculum, an interdisciplinary curriculum for middle school students, designed to activate their innovative thinking and inspire them to identify and solve problems in their own school, community or world through:

  • Interdisciplinary learning connecting all subject matters, including science, math and English, to real-world applications
  • Digital artifacts from The Henry Ford Archive of American Innovation
  • Key insights, proven techniques and exclusive interviews with past and present visionaries
  • Celebrity-led tours of today’s most exciting startups
  • Learn-by-doing activities

Plus, each course includes a Facilitator Guide that aligns to Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards, making it easy to implement and use.

Powered by The Henry Ford Archive of American Innovation and using The Henry Ford’s Model i Innovation Learning Framework, Innovate accelerates core discipline performance in middle school.  Students connect their subject matter to real-world applications through innovation understanding and skills development, unleashing every student’s potential to develop ground-breaking ideas.

For an introduction to the framework, download our FREE Model i Primer. Then move on to our full Innovate Curriculum to tap into dynamic lessons with real-life stories, learn-by-doing activities and interactive content to inspire your students’ potential to innovate - and change the world while they’re at it.

Step 1 | Learn About It

Model i Primer (FREE)

This FREE facilitator guide (Grades 3-12) is your first step. The Model i Primer introduces the actions and habits of innovators, real-life stories and learn-by-doing activities that ignite your students’ innovative minds.

Download Now

Step 2 | Understand and Think About It

Innovate Curriculum

Once you’ve conquered the Model i Primer, you’re ready to go deep with our curated curriculum from our historical expertise. These four interactive online courses inspire Middle School students on their own innovation journeys with dynamic videos, digital artifacts and interviews with visionaries like Steve Wozniak and today’s game-changers from The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation. Innovate can be delivered in a single device classroom, a 1 to 1 device environment or as take home activities. Call 313-982-6141 to speak with a sales representative.

Innovate Curriculum - Full Full Curriculum / 4-Course Pack: Courses 1-4 RECOMMENDED

Students journey from learning the habits and actions of innovators to unleashing the innovator within. These four courses build upon each other, offering an inspiring understanding of what it takes to go from idea to action.

Grades 6-8 | 20 Hours

INN. 101- Inspire Our Future INNOVATE 101: Inspire Our Future (Grades 6-8)

What are the unique qualities that make an innovator? Students find out in this lesson. Plus, how innovative thinking can not only solve problems but create world-changing social transformation.

Grades 6-8 | 5 Hours

INN. 102- Solve Our Problems INNOVATE 102: Solve Our Problems (Grades 6-8)

How can a rough sketch drawn in a coffee shop turn into a futuristic, award-winning car? Students learn how innovators define problems, design prototypes and create solutions.

Grades 6-8 | 5 Hours

INN. 103- Unleash Your Ideas INNOVATE 103: Unleash Your Ideas (Grades 6-8)

Learn to think like an entrepreneur. Students discover how to move ideas forward by identifying customers, what to do to protect their ideas, how to communicate with an audience and how to pitch to investors.

Grades 6-8 | 5 Hours

INN. 104- Activate Your Potential INNOVATE 104: Activate Your Potential (Grades 6-8)

Students get to apply what they’ve learned and turn an idea into action. They’ll uncover an issue, come up with a solution, identify the users and create a unique prototype that they develop, showcase and pitch to others.

Grades 6-8 | 5 Hours

Step 3 | Activate and Apply It

Innovation Experiences

Once you completed the Model i Primer and Innovate™ Curriculum, there is a universe waiting for you — from our internationally reaching Invention Conventions to awe-inspiring field trips.

Features dynamic videos and interviews with visionaries like Steve Wozniak and today’s game-changers from The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation  

Engages learners with playful, yet relevant learn-by-doing activities  

Draws upon digital artifacts from The Henry Ford Archive of American Innovation