Innovation 101: Lesson One

What Is Innovation?

What is innovation?

 Five minutes

Use first column of Activity Sheet 1–What do I know?

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Small Group Activity

Ten minutes

Assemble students into cooperative groups of no more than four. Their task is to define innovation in one of the following ways:

  1. A sentence
  2. List of five to ten words
  3. Pictorial representation
  4. Other way of their own choosing

Report Out

 Five minutes

Do a “gallery walk” to allow students to see other groups’ work.

Critical Listening

 Five minutes


Explore More Individual Activity

 Ten minutes

Look at the list of innovators that are featured on the overview video. Use Activity Sheet 2 to record how the featured innovators describe innovation. Jot down what you remember from watching or listening.

Use Resource Sheet 1 to confirm or modify your observations.


 Five minutes

Create a succinct class definition by combining various definitions of innovation. Use the middle column of Activity Sheet 1–What did I learn? Also use the last column of Activity Sheet 1–What more do I want to know?


 Five minutes

Build your innovation vocabulary by using Resource Sheet 2–Master Glossary for Innovation.