Innovation 101: Lesson Two

Traits of an Innovator

Do innovators share common traits?

Two minutes

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Context Setting Activity (in the Computer Lab)

 Ten minutes

Let’s juxtapose two innovators, Henry Ford and Steve Wozniak, to find out if they share common traits.



Reflection and Synthesis

 Five minutes

Place Ford’s unique traits under Ford and Wozniak’s unique traits under Wozniak. Place those traits shared by both in the center.

Use Activity Sheet 1–Common Traits of Innovators.

Report Out

 Five minutes

Whole group share-time of Venn diagram information. Teacher transcribes information onto chart-paper-size Venn diagram for class display.

Individual Activity

 Eight minutes

Identify the traits that you personally share with innovators.

Use Activity Sheet 2–Personal Traits Shared with Innovators.

Use Resource Sheet 3–Master Glossary for Innovation.

Critical Thinking & Creativity

 Five minutes

What skills or traits are needed for success in the 21st century? How are these traits similar or different than traits of an innovator?

Use Resource Sheet 1 and learn about some core traits of an innovator.

Use Activity Sheet 3 to glean eight traits.

Hands-On Activity

Ten minutes

Participate in the hands-on activity to practice the traits of an innovator.

Use Resource Sheet 2–Traits of an Innovator and 21st-Century Skills.