Gas Up

Browse this digital collection to find out how a simple, hand-cranked mechanism evolved into the sophisticated machine that keeps us on the road.

Practicing the Perfect Pitstop

NASCAR has hardly known a time without Wood Brothers Racing. In this interview, the brothers discuss what it took to pioneer the modern pit stop and how to run a highly successful racing team.

Le Mans Live

Experience the 24 Hours of Le Mans LIVE at The Henry Ford Giant Screen Experience. Admission is FREE courtesy of Ford Performance.

A Two-Time Le Mans Champion

Le Mans is the most prestigious event in motorsport, but also among the most grueling. Winning is the capstone in any car’s career. Winning twice is nothing short of extraordinary.

Behind the Scenes at Driving America

Look at America’s favorite mode of transportation in a different way. Explore the cultural significance of the car and learn more about the interactive in-museum features that make this exhibit so unique and engaging.

1962 Ford Mustang 1

Ford Motor Company never had any intention of putting this car into production. Instead, they designed it to support their image as an exciting, forward-thinking company--and it worked.

Old Car Festival

Feel the passion behind America’s longest-running antique car show, featuring hundreds of authentic vehicles from the 1890s through 1932 — all coming to life in the historic setting of Greenfield Village.

Roughing-It is Relative

How did driving around the country in house become popular? Find out in this segment from The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation.

Rediscover the Rouge

Tour one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities on the planet in this segment from The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation.

Where's the Bugatti?

One of our most popular automobiles is hitting the road for an exhibit, but we've found something pretty remarkable to fill its place temporarily.

"Old 16"

With its huge engine and ride-along mechanic, the thundering Locomobile swept past competitors to victory at Vanderbilt.

Legend of Le Mans

Few racing efforts were as ambitious as Ford’s quest to beat Ferrari at the world’s most important sports car race. Fifty years later, we explore the Mark IV – and Ford’s long road to glory at Le Mans.

1956 Chrysler 300-B Stock Car

Buck Baker drove this Chrysler on his way to becoming the NASCAR champion in 1956. Unlike modern NASCAR racers, this is a real production car modified for racing.

100th Running at Indy

May 2016 marks the 100th running of the iconic Indianapolis 500 auto race. Explore The Henry Ford Archive of American Innovation to discover thousands of Indy images, many from the extensive Dave Friedman photography collection.

Engines Exposed: 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air

Chevrolet introduced its “small block” V-8 in 1955 – and kept on building it until 2003. Note the relatively small-sized radiator. Efficient cooling was one of the small block’s many advantages

Meet a Real Road Warrior

Learn how America's first African American automobile designer envisioned a forward-thinking project with the potential to change the world.

Paint a Bigger Picture

The Fumes to Fuel program at the Ford Rouge Complex shows how the brightest minds in the industry make the process of adding color to automobiles more environmentally concious.

Sweeping to Victory

After his first auto company failed, Henry Ford turned to racing to restore his reputation. With his career at stake, he entered his first race car to compete against the era’s top driver, and no one was prepared for what would happen next.

A Century of AAA

This month, AAA of Michigan commemorates 100 years of serving motorists in the Great Lakes State.

The Iconic Camaro

In 1966, General Motors introduced a car that would change their styling forever. Fifty years later, we’re celebrating this American classic at Motor Muster.

The New World Car

Most Americans weren't very interested in small cars -- until 1973, when oil-producing countries cut back on oil exports and gas prices skyrocketed in the U.S.

The Motorsports Collection

We celebrate the ingenuity, courage, style and grit of well over a century of testing the limits of machines, men and women with these gifts.