The Henry Ford's
90th Anniversary

90th Anniversary - The Henry Ford

The Henry Ford Through The Decades

The Beginning of The Henry Ford Celebrating Ninety Years of Inspiration: Collecting Through the Decades

How Henry Ford used his collections from his heroes and ordinary people to build a museum to show the history he believed was worth preserving.

The Henry Ford in the 1930's Celebrating Ninety: Collecting in the 1930s

In the 1930s, Henry Ford built and curated Greenfield Village to reflect the way of American’s have lived and worked.

Collections in the 1940's Celebrating Ninety: Collecting in the 1940s

As World War II tooled up in the 1940s, activities around the museum were cut back, but it didn't stop the collection from growing. 

Collections in the 1950's Celebrating Ninety: Collecting in the 1950s

During the 1950s, the Edison Institute was renamed, Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village and the "Allegheny" Locomotive arrives into the Museum.

The Henry Ford in 1960 Celebrating Ninety: Collecting in the 1960s

During the 1960's the museum brought in enhanced amenities, special events, and improved exhibits to engage a new generation of visitors.