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Get inspired by the playfulness of math.   Details 

Davidson-Gerson Modern Glass Gallery

Trace the innovation story of Studio Glass from its founding in 1962 to the present by examining selected artists and their contributions.   DETAILS 

Driven to Win: Racing in America

Experience the winner’s circle up close and personal in this unprecedented exhibition of American auto racing.   DETAILS 

What We Wore

Explore this changing exhibit of garments and their stories from The Henry Ford's rich collection of clothing and accessories.   DETAILS 


Climb aboard a real combine, and get a close look at what is considered the finest collection of American agricultural equipment.   Details 

Dymaxion House

Enter Buckminster Fuller’s circular aluminum dwelling, and sample a suburbia never realized.   Details 

Your Place in Time

Explore the rich interplay between people and technology by looking at five generations that came of age in the 20th century.   Details 

Fully Furnished

Explore an amazing collection of seemingly ordinary and yet extraordinary American furniture dating from 1670 to the present.   Details 

With Liberty and Justice for All

Learn about moments of American freedom, from the revolution through the civil rights movement.   Details 

Heroes of the Sky

Let your imagination take off amid newly enhanced, multisensory experiences inspired by the men and women who helped launch the concept of flight.   Details 

Made in America: Manufacturing

Explore artifacts large and small documenting American manufacturing ingenuity from the 18th to 20th centuries.   Details 

Made in America: Power

Discover the great innovators from the 18th to 20th centuries who made America a manufacturing superpower.   Details 

Driving America

With an unparalleled collection of vehicles, explore how much of our culture has been influenced by the automobile over the past 100-plus years.   Details 

Presidential Vehicles

Admire and appreciate the evolution of presidential travel through five significant vehicles.   Details 


Marvel at a mammoth collection of giant steam-engine locomotives, passenger rail cars and more.   Details 

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