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Walnut Raisin Hobo Bread

What is Hobo Bread?
Hobo Bread is a moist, sweet nut bread inspired by the loaves that hobos baked in tin cans during the Great Depression. It's not complicated – organic Michigan flour, raisins, eggs, butter, brown sugar, some walnuts and a dash of baking soda. The result is a bread that is great on its own or adds a delectable twist to any sandwich.

Variety of uses of Hobo Bread
Get creative. We love the Hobo Sandwich at a Taste of History in Greenfield Village. Put honey mustard on two slices of Hobo Bread, then heap on plenty of turkey breast, Cheddar cheese and red onion.

At the Michigan Café in Henry Ford Museum, we serve Cherry Chicken Salad made from fresh greens, candied walnuts, a hard boiled egg, sliced red onion, tomatoes and a sliced-up piece of Hobo Bread served with our house-made Michigan Maple Tarragon dressing.

Want something simpler? Toast Hobo Bread and serve it with cream cheese as a breakfast treat. Or Muenster cheese. Even parmesan cheese will work. The secret is for the bread to be hot enough to melt whatever's on top. Then the sweetness of the bread mingles with the slight tartness of the cheese.

Experiment. Who knows what you might come up with? Our executive chef Mike Trombley recently cooked up a Hobo Bread pudding in a baked apple.

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Where can you buy Hobo Bread?
It's available here at The Henry Ford at four locations: in Henry Ford Museum in the Michigan Café or the Wienermobile Café or in Greenfield Village at A Taste of History and the Sir John Bennett Sweet Shop.

We also ship Hobo Bread anywhere!  Click here to order online.

You can also buy it at Devries and Co. ( in Detroit's historic Eastern Market or at Westborn Markets (

How do you Hobo? Send us your recipes and ideas.
Over the years, people have told us about dozens of inventive recipes incorporating Hobo Bread. Email us your recipe and we'll post it here for the world to share.

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