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PowerPoint slideshow. A general overview of The Rouge from its establishment as the largest industrial complex in the world in the 20th century to its revitalization in the 21st century. Each image includes brief, background information. Many images include questions for further analysis, interpretation and discussion.
This Resource is for:Educators; Youth and Scouts; Students
Theme:America's Industrial Revolution
Type of Use:Online Interactive
Curriculum Connection:U.S. History; Economics; Business; Technology/Engineering; Cross-disciplinary Thinking; Entrepreneurial Literacy
National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies Strands II, V, VII, VIII; Michigan Social Studies Grade Level and High School Content Expectations 3 - H3.0.1, H3.0.8; 4 - H3.0.1; 6 - H1.2.1, H1.2.5, H1.4.1, H1.4.2; 7 - H1.2.1, H1.2.6, H1.4.1, H1.4.2; 9–12 - USHG 6.1.1, 6.1.5
Grade/Age Level:Upper Elementary; Middle School; High School
Time Period:Era 6: The Development of an Industrial, Urban and Global United States; Era 7: The Great Depression and WWII; Era 8: Post-WWII United States; Era 9: America in a new global age
Tags:factory, assembly line, Henry Ford, raw material, ore, industry, location, ship, railroad, foundry, steel, Model A, African-American, workers, union, UAW, Reuther, Battle of the Overpass, World War II