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Anna Marie Anzalone
My first car was a 1965 Ford Mustang that my dad and I restored together. It was Poppy Red and the most beautiful car in the world to me. I lived in Wyandotte, Michigan and to this day, people remember me and the car. A lot of times they just remember me as the girl who had the orange Mustang.

My senior year of high school a girl in my class egged the car. That was in 1985. I got a facebook friend request from her a few years ago and declined because I still have not forgiven her. That was my car! My baby! Take my boyfriend but don't mess with my car!

I washed that car 3 times a week and can still remember the smell of that car. The tires, the engine, the interior. It was beautiful.

I remember getting pulled over one time for not wearing a seat belt and having to explain to the officer that it didn't come with seat belts and therefore I did not have to wear one. He didn't believe me and had to call in to verify my story.

The best story I have is that my mom got a new Lincoln every 2 years. One cold morning, her new car would not start. My car did though. Mom drove my car to work.
Another time it wouldn't start and the guys in her shop were trying to figure out why. I went up to her work and after politely smiling at them and their "girl" comments, fixed my car and took it home.

I went away to college and needed something a little more economical for driving longer distances. Dad didn't have room in the shop to store it and I sold it. I wish I still had the car and plan to buy one for my daughter when she turns 16.

I do have a 1950 Studebaker Starlite but am having some difficulty convincing my dad that his restoration shop should restore this one for free also. He seems to believe that I have to pay for it now. Pfft! It is the same year as the one in the new exhibit. Can't wait until it opens. I will be there with my Dad in tow! I wish I could go to the opening event!

Anna Marie


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