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Vehicle Production Records at the Benson Ford Research Center

The production records in our collection give production details for individual vehicles. They can be used as proof of a vehicle’s authenticity and also as a source of information to trace the history of a vehicle to learn exactly when and where that vehicle was produced, what the original color and trim were, and more. Production records are arranged by vehicle number.

What models is production information available for?

  • In the summer of 1970, a museum fire destroyed many Ford Motor Company production records. The table below indicates which records still exist.
  • If you do not see the make, model, serial number, or year your vehicle was made in the list below, we do not have production information for your vehicle.
  • We do not have production information for Ford Mustangs.
  • Please keep in mind that not all of the runs listed below are complete.

Model Years Covered

ID or SERIAL no.

Ford Model T


1,119 to 70,920

Lincoln Model K


Model K 5711 to K 9674



H 86200 to H 136254
H 136255 to H 182129

Lincoln Mark II

1956 only

C56-7-980 to C56-J-3348

Du Pont Motors Inc.




Ledger #0 Leland Ownership


1 to 3208

Ledgers #1-10 (repeats Leland and continues on with Ford)


Model L 1 to 72010

Ledger #11


Model KB 1 to KB 1630

Ledger #12


Some parts change notes, 1928 show motor numbers

Ledgers #13-39


circa model H1 to H136254

Binders #1-2


Model L 1 to 65687

Binder #3


Model L 66001 to 72041
And K, KA, KB

Ledger #113


Shipping Dates Model L
Shipping Dates Model KA

Ledger #114


Shipping Dates Model KB
Shipping Dates Model K

What production information will I find?

  • The information that is found in the production records varies depending on the type and time period of the vehicle. However, records may include the serial and model type/number, assembly date, color and trim information, ship date and accessories.
  • Details on the shipment of a vehicle to a branch or dealer are sometimes noted on a record.
  • We typically do not have information on the original or subsequent owners of the vehicles.

How are the production records stored?

  • The Model T records are stored on microfilm.
  • The other production records can be found on the original cards, order sheets, or ledgers.

How can I order production card information?

  • There is a $20.00 per serial number charge.
  • Provide your serial number, make, model and body type (for Lincolns), and contact information.
  • Payment may be made either by check payable to “The Henry Ford” or by credit card.

Benson Ford Research Center
P.O. Box 1970
Dearborn, MI 48121-1970
Fax: (313) 982-6244

How will I receive the production information?

  • You will receive either a photocopy of the original card or information transcribed from the original ledgers onto prepared forms.
  • For Model T records, which are available only on microfilm, you will receive the best possible copies made from the microfilm printer as well as a transcribed version of the card.

What other information is available?

  • Although we do not have production records for the Ford Model A or V8, we do have engine ledgers that show when an engine number was produced. The ledgers do not include information on when the engine was put together with the vehicle.
  • We also have a database with shipping dates for early Ford models (1904-1910), which includes the model number and information on where the vehicle was sold.

Where can I go for more information?

  • Ford Model T engine production dates are available on the website of the Model T Ford Club of America’s http://www.mtfca.com/encyclo/sernos.htm and also in the book Model T Ford: The Car That Changed the World by Bruce McCalley (Iola, WI: Krause Publications, c1994).
  • Ford Model A engine production dates (month and year) are available in the book The Ford Model "A": "As Henry Built It": A Color, Upholstery and Production Facts Book by George DeAngelis (South Lyon, Mich.: Motor Cities Pub. Co., 1991.).
  • Ford V8 and Model B engine production dates through 1938 (month and year) are available in the book The Early Ford V-8 as Henry Built It: A Production Facts Book 1932-38 by Edward P. Francis (South Lyon, Mich.: Motor Cities Pub. Co., c1982.).
  • The following books from the Car & Parts Magazine Matching Numbers Series can help you decode VIN numbers:
    • Catalog of American Car ID Numbers 1950-1959
    • Catalog of American Car ID Numbers 1960-1969
    • Catalog of American Car ID Numbers 1970-1979
    • Catalog of Chevelle, Malibu & El Camino ID Numbers, 1964-87
    • Catalog of Chevy Truck ID Numbers 1946-1972: Pickup, Suburban and El Camino
    • Catalog of Ford Truck ID Numbers, 1946-1972: Pickup and Ranchero
    • Catalog of Camaro ID Numbers 1967-93
    • Catalog of Chevy V8 Engine Casting Numbers 1955-93
    • Catalog of Corvette ID Numbers 1953-93
    • Catalog of Firebird ID Numbers, 1967-93
    • Catalog of Mustang ID Numbers, 1964 1/2-93
    • Catalog of Oldsmobile 4-4-2, W-Machines & Hurst/Olds ID Numbers 1964-1991
    • Catalog of Pontiac GTO ID Numbers 1964-74
    • Catalog of Thunderbird ID Numbers 1955-93
  • Ford production reports from 1967-1979 may be available through the commercial services of Marti Auto Works (http://www.martiauto.com).
  • The following website can help you decode the VIN number of your post-1982 Ford vehicle (https://www.fleet.ford.com/maintenance/vin_tools/default.asp).

(click for larger view)

Register of Cars Shipped, 1932

Lincoln Production Card, February 28, 1941

Lincoln Ledger No. 24 page 159, November 1937

Lincoln Model K Production Card, March 24, 1937

Back of Lincoln Model K Production Card, March 24, 1937