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The Tour

Put yourself at the center of sheer manufacturing might. Beyond the awe-inspiring sweep, scale and action of the real-life factory floor where the new military grade aluminum-alloy body Ford F-150 is made, get set for some eye-opening encounters with the technology of tomorrow — today.

Ford Rouge Factory Tour is a self-guided five-part experience that includes: Legacy Theater, Manufacturing Innovation Theater, Observation Deck, Dearborn Truck Plant and the Legacy Gallery. Theater seating is limited to 100 guests per show; shows run continuously until 4:00 PM and are seated on a first come first serve basis.

Legacy Theater
Learn about the triumphs and tragedies surrounding the Rouge, much of it told through rare, never-before-seen historic footage.
Approximate time: 13 minutes

Manufacturing Innovation Theater
A multisensory exploration of the manufacturing experience, from concept to highway. Filled with jaw-dropping special effects, from “floating” 3D laser projection mapping and high-energy audio to a breathtaking behind-the-wheel finale.
Approximate time: 10 minutes

Observation Deck Tour
View the ground-breaking living roof from our 80-foot-high Observation Deck.
Variable time: 5-15 minutes

Assembly Plant Walking Tour
See where the new military grade aluminum-alloy body Ford F-150s are assembled in a lean and flexible manufacturing plant. Visitors will have the opportunity to view the final assembly process from an elevated walkway.
Variable time: 30-45 minutes

Legacy Gallery
View five historic vehicles made at the Rouge, hop in a new F-150, and visit our Factory Store.

Getting There

Bus Transportation
Public tours begin on the historic grounds of The Henry Ford with busses departing for the Factory Tour every 20 minutes from 9:20am–3pm. Busses return regularly from the Visitor Center with the last bus returning to The Henry Ford at 5pm.

While no public parking is available at the Factory Tour, a limited amount of school and group bus parking is available at the Visitor Center. Group tour operators may request direct-arrival and bus parking arrangements with the Call Center representative when making advance reservations. Group arrivals are scheduled between 9am and 3pm.

Additional Information

Photography and video recording are strictly prohibited in both theaters and the Dearborn Truck Plant. Photography is allowed in the Legacy Gallery and Observation Deck.

Attention Ford Rouge Factory Tour Visitors
Because production varies by vehicle demand, you may be touring the Dearborn Truck Plant when we are not building vehicles. Production hours are inconsistent, and The Henry Ford does not control when trucks are being produced. While we cannot guarantee you will see the assembly line in full operation, you will still be able to visit the assembly line area temporarily suspended in mid-operation. We will not be building vehicles during daily breaks, shift changes, Sundays, holidays and during the first week of July. Either way, the tour offers unique experiences with full walking access above the factory assembly area.

Click here to view Dearborn Truck Plant non-production dates and Ford Rouge Factory Tour closure dates.

Please remember the assembly area is only one part of this five-part tour; all other parts of the tour remain unaffected. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are confident you will thoroughly enjoy this fascinating experience.

The Factory Tour is handicapped accessible. The film theaters and busses can accommodate up to 4 wheelchairs per time slot. Wheelchairs and strollers are available for use within the factory tour at no charge.

Visitors are encouraged to use the restaurant at Henry Ford Museum prior to or following their visit to the Ford Rouge Factory Tour. There are limited beverage and snack vending machines at the Factory Tour.

We recommend a minimum of two hours to visit Ford Rouge Factory Tour to enjoy the variety of experiences on site.