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Henry Ford's Model T
Trace the life of Henry Ford, one of America's greatest industrialists and innovators, from childhood through the founding of his Ford Motor Company. Move from the home where he was born to a replica of the factory where he built his first automobiles. You can even take a test ride in a restored Model T!
Places to visit in this district:
Bagley Avenue Workshop
Ford Home
Ford Motor Company
Henry Ford Theater
Miller School

Railroad Junction

Railroads played a colossal role in the progress of America's cross-continental expansion.

Working Farms

Engage yourself in an actual setting of 1880s farm life.

Edison at Work

Take an invigorating journey to the "idea factory" of Thomas Edison.

Porches and Parlors

Accept an invitation to the home life of America's past.

Liberty Craftworks

Go back to a time when the products of everyday use were the personal creations of skilled artisans.

Main Street

Pay a visit to Main Street, the bustling hub of America's hometown.

Henry Ford's Model T

Step into the farmhouse where Henry Ford was born, see where he invented his world-changing Model T.

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  See a Real Model T
Not only will you see the Model T in motion, but you can take a ride in the car that changed America forever - at Henry Ford's Model T district in Greenfield Village.
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  A Working Phonograph
Edison used the best scientific equipment available at the time. Witness the phonograph of yesterday today. You can also browse upstairs and see where the lightbulb was born.
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  The Original Light Bulb
See the lab where Edison brought us light and see some of his old lightbulbs up close and in person.
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  Wright Brothers' Cycle Shop
The Wright Cycle Shop is considered the "birthplace of aviation." See the original building where the Wright Flyer was made in the Main Street district of Greenfield Village.
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  Ride an Antique Carousel
Herschell-Spillman made the only carousels with giant green frogs - and they are the only carousel animals that wear human clothes! Hop on board and enjoy the ride.
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  Witness True Craftmanship
Artisans demonstrate the glass blowing process from start to finish daily in the authentic traditions of the 19th and early 20th centuries at the 75 year old "Sandwich Glass Plant."
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