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Innovation Learning

We believe anyone can innovate.

But it’s been said that, while talent is equally distributed, the opportunity is not. So we developed an innovation learning framework based on the authentic objects and real-life stories that we’ve been collecting for the past 90 years.

inHub is a community built by educators for educators. Its purpose is to help prepare all learners to be world-changing innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs. inHub leverages primary sources from The Henry Ford Archive of American Innovation, an unparalleled collection of 26 million artifacts that sheds light on the way people have innovated across 300 years of history.

The result is an innovation learning framework that only The Henry Ford could design. We call it Model i. It is the foundation of our curriculum, the basis of our learning experiences and the principle behind everything we offer to teachers and students of all types.

Experiences and
Field Trips

Transform your lesson plans with relevant learn-by-doing experiences that empower learners to realize their potential to help shape a better future. Whether you are a professional educator, parent or scout leader, you’ll give tomorrow’s dreamers and doers, creators and makers a chance to make lasting personal connections with lively stories, big ideas and 21st-century learning skills.