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Unlocking the Next Generation

During The Henry Ford’s closure due to COVID-19, we were able to open up registration for a limited time to the Innovate Curriculum. This special offer was only made possible by generous grant funding. Unfortunately, as of July 14, 2020, this limited time offer has expired. If you already registered a user account, your access to all four Innovate Curriculum courses continues for one year starting at the date and time of registration. We’re excited to share that we are in the process of transitioning the curriculum to a brand-new platform that will be a community for educators filled with Innovation Learning curriculum resources, digital assets, professional development opportunities and more. Please stay tuned and check back in for more updates.


Accelerate an Innovative Mindset Through The Henry Ford Innovate Curriculum.

Help students connect core subjects like STEAM, social studies and English to real-world applications through an interdisciplinary, hands-on online curriculum that accelerates 21st century skills development.

Innovate Curriculum leverages primary sources of The Henry Ford Archive of American Innovation, an unparalleled collection of 26 million artifacts that sheds light on the way people have innovated across 300 years of history.

Model i Primer (FREE)

This FREE facilitator guide (Grades 3-12) is your first step. The Model i Primer introduces the actions and habits of innovators, real-life stories and learn-by-doing activities that ignite your students’ innovative minds.

Why Innovation Learning Matters.

In a rapidly changing world, it’s critical that we prepare and develop young people with innovative mindsets and entrepreneurial skills to address future global challenges.

Research shows there are significant disparities in innovation rates by socioeconomic class, race and gender.*

By exposing learners to innovation, we can narrow this innovation opportunity gap and increase the likelihood that they become innovators – ready to take on the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Equality of Opportunity Project,

Innovate will help students:

  • Collaborate with people to identify and critically think through real-world problems
  • Design creative solutions and prototypes that address those problems
  • Effectively communicate and pitch entrepreneurial solutions

Innovate Curriculum Overview

Designed to accelerate core discipline performance, Innovate helps middle and high school students connect their subject matter to real-world applications through innovation understanding and skills development, unleashing every student’s potential to develop groundbreaking ideas.

The interdisciplinary curriculum includes four interactive courses featuring:

  • Primary source digital artifacts from The Henry Ford’s Archive of American Innovation
  • Dynamic lessons with real-life stories
  • Learn-by-doing activities and interactive content that helps prepare students and their prototypes to participate in competitions.
  • Exclusive interviews with past and present visionaries
  • Celebrity-led tours of today’s most exciting start-ups
  • Facilitator guide that aligns each course to Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core Standards

Full Curriculum 4-Course Pack: 20 Hours

Students journey from learning the habits and actions of innovators to unleashing the innovator within. These four courses build upon each other, offering an inspiring understanding of what it takes to go from idea to action.

INNOVATE 101: Inspire Our Future as an Innovative Thinker

Students learn about the unique qualities that make an innovator, and how innovative thinking can not only solve problems but create world-changing social transformation.

5 Hours

INNOVATE 102: Solve Our Problems

Students learn how innovators uncover insights, define problems, design prototypes and optimize solutions.

5 Hours

INNOVATE 103: Unleash Your Ideas as You Learn to Think Like an Entrepreneur

Students discover how to move ideas forward by identifying customers, what to do to protect their ideas, how to communicate with an audience and how to pitch to investors.

5 Hours

INNOVATE 104: Activate Your Potential

Students get to apply what they’ve learned and turn an idea into action. They’ll uncover an issue, come up with a solution, identify the users and create a unique prototype that they develop, showcase and pitch to others.

5 Hours

Features dynamic videos and interviews with visionaries like Steve Wozniak and today’s game-changers from The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation  

Engages learners with playful, yet relevant learn-by-doing activities  

Draws upon digital artifacts from The Henry Ford Archive of American Innovation  

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