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If you’re a teacher, youth group leader or homeschooler, we’re here to help you plan a field trip that meets your needs. Whether it’s finding field trip scholarship opportunities, aligning the trip to curriculum by grade level or accessing resources to make the most of your experience, our Call Center representatives can guide you. Contact us at 313.982.6001, and press 1 to get started.
Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation Field Trips

Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation®

Field Trip

Immerse your students in American ingenuity. See some of the most iconic inventions and amazing “failures” and learn how they changed the world. Only $10 per student or 2 venues for $15.

January 1 - December 31 (Thursday - Sunday)


Greenfield Village Field Trips

Greenfield Village

Field Trip

Delve into the layers of passion and ingenuity that make us who we are today - from working farms to Model-T rides to the cycle shop where the Wright Brothers first took flight. Only $10 per student or 2 venues for $15.

Ford Rouge Factory Tour Field Trips

Ford Rouge Factory Tour

Field Trip

Experience the action of the real-life factory floor where the new Ford F-150 is made. Get ready for some eye-opening encounters with the technology of tomorrow - today. Only $10 per student or 2 venues for $15.

May 1 - September 26, 2020 (Monday - Saturday)

Outdoor Living Lab Tour

Teacher’s Choice (Giant Screen Experience Field Trip)

Giant Screen Experience

Teacher’s Choice

The Henry Ford reinvents its movie house in giant-size style to superscale the imagination with a state-of-the-art 4K experience. Only $8.50/student or $5 with any other venue.


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