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Help your students and children to develop the skills of an innovator.

All Grade Levels

Explore resources for interactive learning at all educational levels. From short activities to in-depth units, let us help you find something to engage your young learners at home.

Ways To Engage - Model i Primer Model i Primer
The Model i Primer introduces the actions and habits of innovators, real-life stories and learn-by-doing activities that ignite your students' innovative minds.

Ways To Engage - Model i Model i Primer+
This unique learning framework provides an interdisciplinary language and approach to learning based on the habits and actions of innovation.


Pre K-2

Innovate for Tots - Learn Online Innovate for Tots
Download STEAM hands-on activities for little ones with materials that are easily found in the house, including more than a dozen lessons, coloring activities, and artifact exploration.


Grades 3-5

Invention Convention Curriculum - Learn Online Invention Convention Curriculum
Discover activities designed to build skills in invention, entrepreneurship and engineering while supporting the creation of your students' own inventions. Guiding them through the seven steps of the invention process, the curriculum enhances each student's understanding of invention and its context in the real world.

Invention Convention Video Interviews - Learn Online Meet Student Innovators
Watch interviews from youth inventors and entrepreneurs in grades K-12 while they display their critical thinking skills through inventing, innovating and entrepreneurial activities.


Grades 9-12

Melvin Parson - Learn Online Entrepreneur-In-Residence: Melvin Parson
Melvin Parson, founder of We The People Growers Association, was the Spring 2019 Entrepreneur-In-Residence at The Henry Ford, funded by the William Davidson Foundation Initiative for Entrepreneurship. In the following interview clips, Parson shares his journey and mission towards securing equality and social justice through urban farming.

Rich Sherdian - Learn Online Entrepreneur-In-Residence: Richard Sheridan
Richard Sheridan co-founded Menlo Innovations in 2001 to develop world-class software and combat the chaotic nature of the technology industry through an innovative approach to cultivating an enjoyable work environment.


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