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Accessibility Information

The Henry Ford welcomes guests with disabilities to all our venues.  Our staff and volunteers are committed to providing the highest quality visit for each and every guest to the extent that we are able to do so.  While the information here is general in nature, please contact our on-site call center at 313-982-6001 in advance of your visit if you have further questions or needs.  Our call center is open 7 days a week from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM with extended evening hours during peak events.

  Specific Venue/Exhibit Accessibility
General Entrance Information
All public entrances to The Henry Ford, including the Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village, Ford Rouge Factory Tour, IMAX theatre, Lovett Hall and Benson Ford Research Center, are wheelchair accessible.  Motorized doors are located at the IMAX entrance to the Henry Ford Museum, Anderson Theatre/Ford Rouge Factory Tour bus loading doors, Benson Ford Research Center and the Ford Rouge Factory Tour Visitor Center.

Drop-Off Zones
There are drop-off zones in front of the Henry Ford Museum (Clocktower and IMAX entrances) as well as in front of the Greenfield Village ticket building.

Handicap Parking
Handicap Parking is available in the IMAX theatre West parking lot and on Village Road by the entrance to Greenfield Village.  Be advised that on many weekends and heavily visited days, these parking spaces fill up very quickly.

Service Animals
Certified Service Animals are welcome in all venues.  The animals need to be certified and be visibly (easily) identified as service animals.  Puppies in training to be service dogs, or dogs under the age of 12 months are not permitted in our venues.  Please note that Service Animals will be in close proximity to animals in Greenfield Village, including horses, sheep and chickens.

Wheelchairs and Motorized Scooters
Wheelchairs and a limited number of motorized scooters are available for rent on a first come, first served basis.  We do not take advanced reservations for wheelchairs or motorized scooters.  Rentals are available in the IMAX lobby and in the Greenfield Village ticket building.  Wheelchairs can be rented for $4.00 for the entire day and scooters can be rented for $20.00 per day. Rentals require a current driver’s license to leave at the renting desk and the completion of a rental agreement form.  Please note that on busy days (holidays, large/special events, and summer weekends) the motorized scooters rent out quickly and may not be available- it may be wise to make other arrangements. Personal motorized wheelchairs, electric scooter and wheelchairs are welcomed.  However, Segway scooters are not permitted in any venue of The Henry Ford.

Children’s Strollers and Wagons
Children’s wagons are available for rent on a first come, first served basis for rent for $4 per day at both the IMAX Lobby and the Greenfield Village ticket building.  Rentals require a current driver’s license to leave at the renting desk.  Please note that on busy days (holidays, large/special events, and summer weekends) wagons rent out quickly and may not be available- it may be wise to make other arrangements.

Strollers for infants are not available for rent. Personal wagons and strollers are welcomed.  

There is limited space on Weiser Railroad for strollers.  On busy days, we may not be able to accommodate strollers on the train.

Specific Venue/Exhibit Accessibility

Henry Ford Museum
All entrances into the Henry Ford Museum are wheelchair accessible and include wheelchair ramps. 
All exhibits are wheelchair accessible with the exception of the following exhibits:
            Interior of the Allegheny cab (stairs)
            Interior of the Combine cab (stairs)
            Dymaxion House (narrow doorway)

Greenfield Village
All public entrances into Greenfield Village are accessible.  Sidewalks throughout Greenfield Village were installed with accessible curbs. Care should be taken when crossing streets as historic vehicles, antique bicycles and horse-drawn vehicles use our streets on a daily basis.  Railroad crossings are located near the entrance of Greenfield Village and firestone Farm.  Please approach the tracks cautiously; wheelchairs should cross the tracks at a 90 degree angle to prevent their wheels from being caught and damaged.

Whenever possible, wheelchairs are admitted into historic buildings.  However, not all buildings can accommodate wheelchairs or eclectic scooters due to the physical limitations of the building and any possible temporary constraints due to ongoing conservation projects.  Please contact us in advance for a listing of any buildings that may not be accessible or open.

Greenfield Village Historic Rides
Access to historic rides in Greenfield Village varies depending on the type of historic vehicle.  Most require a transfer from a wheelchair or scooter to the seat of the vehicle.

Weiser Railroad (train) has a wheelchair or motorized scooter lift that is limited to 500 pounds. 

Ford Rouge Factory Tour
The Ford Rouge Factory Tour busses are wheelchair accessible.  Our busses can accommodate smaller-model electric scooters.  Complimentary Wheelchairs are available at the Factory Tour Visitor Center upon request.

All exhibit areas of the Visitor Center and factory walkways are accessible.

IMAX Theatre
The IMAX theatre has stadium seating which includes stairs upon entering or exiting. For those who are unable to climb stairs, an elevator is available for assistance.  An employee or volunteer will accompany the guest and one companion to the elevator and into the theatre.  Please inquire upon arrival to any cashier, ticket attendant or IMAX host.

There are a limited number of spaces held specifically for wheelchairs for our guests who wish to stay, or are unable to leave their wheelchair.  Each of those spaces has seats for a companion or aide.

Headsets are available for our hearing impaired guests.  Please contact a staff member for assistance.

Lovett Hall
Motorized doors are available at both the North and South entrances to Lovett Hall and both entrances are wheelchair accessible.  An elevator is available for second floor (Ballroom) access.  Please see a Henry Ford staff member for assistance with locating and using the elevator.

Benson Ford Research Center
Motorized doors are available at the South entrance to the Benson Ford Research Center near the Greenfield Village entrance directly from Josephine Ford Plaza.  All areas of the research center and reading library are wheelchair accessible.  A public elevator is available for second floor access.